After-school Sport Clubs

Our dedicated Sports coaches provide us with clubs anywhere from 2 – 5 evenings a week depending on that term’s offering. The children love attending these clubs and places are allocated each term.

Currently we offer the following after-school clubs:

Wednesdays –  tennis (Leeds-United) – 3.30pm-4.30pm
Fridays –  football (Leeds-United) – 3.30pm -4.30pm

Multi-sports Clubs 

The Sports clubs are open to all children in Y1 and Y2 for KS1; Y3 and Y4 for LKS2 and Y5 and Y6 for UKS2.

Here we learn about various different sports each term with a new set of children given the opportunity to join each term. The children set out a termly plan choosing from a big list of sports they would like to try.

Each week, we then learn about and try out the new skills or game-based activities related to that sport or physical activity chosen.

As the children decide which sports they want to try, it is very popular with clubs

Football Club

We have always been a Footballing School and continue to have a large number of children signing up to be part of the groups every year.

We usually manage to fit in a handful of matches throughout the year alongside all the various competitions we try to enter.

Pre-Covid, we reached the Leeds city finals in the U11’s ‘Road to Wembley’ Competition organised by Leeds United Foundation. Only 4 teams finished with more points than us on Finals day.

We look forward to the coming year’s city competitions to see if we can go one better.