Complaints Procedure

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Making a complaint about this school


It is in the best interests of pupils if parents and schools to work together and maintain good relationships. However, there may be an occasion when you want to raise a complaint. We, like all schools, have a complaints procedure which is outlined below.



  • Informal stage

Initially, address your concerns to your child’s class teacher or another appropriate member of staff on an informal basis. This can be in person, by phone or in writing. Keep calm and be clear about the issues and the actions you feel might resolve the problem. In most instances, this will solve the problem.


  • Stage one

If not satisfied, you can write or ask to speak to the head teacher any written complaint should be done as soon as possible, no later than three months after the incident. The head teacher will make sure a full investigation is carried out and a full response will be given.

Please note: If your complaint is about the head teacher, you should send your complaint to the Chair of Governors, Judith Putmans: c/o of St Francis of Assisi CPS


  • Stage two

If still not satisfied, you can address your complaints to the school governing body. This must be done in writing within ten school days of getting the response from the head teacher. A panel made up of at least three Governors, with no previous knowledge of or involvement in the case, will be convened within 20 school days. The panel will not hear the case again. Instead, they will carry out a review of the investigation to make sure it has been carried out fairly and the correct procedure has been followed. The panel will tell you and the school what they have decided within three school days.


  • Stage three

If you still remain unhappy with how your complaint has been handled, you have the right to ask the Secretary of State for Education to review your complaint. You can find out more information through the Departments website: