Welcome to Year 6

We have a passion for learning and are enjoying being role models for the school as we carry out our final year in primary school. We follow our Golden Rules and ensure our learning reflects them (Respect, Listen, Try your Best, Be Positive). We like to have fun, whilst learning in all areas. One of my favourite subjects is RE; I am very pleased I have such passionate pupils in this subject.


Amazing Author Visit with Virginia Clay

Author Visit

Year 5 & 6 had the absolute privilege of meeting a ‘real life author’ in school today. We were completely star struck as she entered the building and loved hearing all about her life story and how she came to write the novel Year 6 have used within their english lessons – linked with their Africa topic. Having read her book (Warrior Boy) about London Schoolboy Ben who is heading for Kenya to meet his Maasai family, it was a great delight to hear how we too can write great books like she has. A great relief to also hear that it took thirteen drafts before her book was ready for publishing; some chapters taking her even more drafts! It was also delightful to hear all about her life in Kenya which added further inspiration for the world that is around us.

We then had the luxury of a book signing session too so more of us can read her novel. Look out for the new book she is writing at the moment – hopefully due for publishing later this year!


M&S Archive 

Year 6 visited the Marks & Spencer archives to learn what the nature and purpose of an archive is; to learn about what M&S staff did during WWII; to handle real artefacts from WWII; and to find out about what life was like during the war for people in the UK. We enjoyed looking around the exhibition, learning with the M&S historian and designing our own wardrobe using wartime rations.

Autumn 1 Newsletter Year 6

Autumn 2 Newsletter Year 6

Spring 1 Newsletter Year 6


Curriculum information – Year 6 – Autumn Term

Subject/Area Details
Religious Education

Our topics in RE are Called to Serve and Justice.

Called to Serve covers: what Jesus taught us and being able to follow in his footsteps; to recognise how we all have talents, which have been given to us by God, including the sacraments we have received; to know how we can serve God and to understand the sacrament of marriage.

Justice covers: prophets from the Old Testament and their responses. Children will learn that the prophets spoke out against injustice and that some prophets were persecuted because they spoke out. They will learn that Christians are called to work for justice and find out about individuals who have been persecuted for speaking out against injustice. The children will learn that Advent is a time of waiting and hoping for the birth of the Messiah at Christmas and understand that the birth of Jesus fulfilled Old Testament prophecies.


We will read a large selection of texts to widen our range of reading. We will develop or inference skills to enable us to be able to answer questions and think deeper about a text.

Our class novels are Warrior Boy and Boy at the Back of the Class. We will carry out short tasks about these texts, including posing questions, thinking about the meanings/morals, looking at why certain language is used and how effective it is and role play activities.


Home reading should continue throughout the term. We visit the library each term. The children can take one or two books, we then share between the class.


In writing we will be completing an explanation text about coding linked to our Into University week. We will be writing diary entries linked to Warrior Boy, a balanced argument about poaching linked to this book and to our topic of Africa, plus a book review.


To develop our creative writing, we will be describing WWII experiences, an abandoned fair ground, looking deeply into metaphors, similes, personification and sentence structure.


We will be using a selection of film clips and picture books to help fire our imagination and develop turning our own ideas into text.


In grammar and punctuation; we will cover relative clauses, expanded noun phrases, word classes antonyms and synonyms. We will also develop knowledge and application of hyphens, dashes, colons and semi-colons and also revise, brackets and commas and sentence types.


We will be consolidating place value and the four operations in the first half of the term and continue this throughout the term in our daily Give Me 5.


In the second part half of the term we will be expanding on our knowledge of fractions and decimals.


We will focus on reasoning and problem solving skills by carrying out investigations, by writing our own questions and statements and by completing daily reasoning questions.




Living Things and their habitats

We will learn about grouping animals into mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and amphibians, describe different habitats, describe classifying, investigate observable characteristics including micro-organisms, plants and animals.


Evolution and Inheritance

We will learn that living things have changed over time, about fossils, about living things that inhabited the Earth millions of years ago, recognise that living things produce offspring, identify how animals and plants adapt to suit their environment and that adaptation may lead to evolution.


Working Scientifically

We will plan enquires, pose scientific questions, identify variables, recognise when secondary sources will be most useful, use and organise equipment with increasing accuracy and precision, collect data and present it in a variety of forms and analysing data.


We have a huge focus on keeping safe on-line. Children will learn about the serious dangers of social media and how to be confident on-line.


We will continue to understand algorithms and to explore ways in which they are used in daily life.


During our week at Into University we will focus on coding. We will be taught by university professors and will support this learning with a visit to the Media and Science Museum in Bradford.



We will cover new beginnings, making new friendships, falling out and getting on.



World War II

We will learn: where and when it took place; what the Blitz was and which areas were

most likely to be affected; the effects of air raids; the causes of evacuation; experiences and feelings of evacuees; rationing, how war impacted on people’s lives; the experiences of Jewish children during the war and how the war created many refugees.


Exploring Africa

We will learn about African countries and to locate them on a map. We will then research different aspect of each of the African countries including physical geography; climate; culture; population and economy, and then present the information to the class.


In Flanders Fields

We will discuss the work of WWI artists, learn about and recreate artwork in the style of Paul Nash, investigate the power of propaganda art (and recreate), learn how dazzle camouflage was used in WWI and finally create an artwork inspired by the poem ‘In Flanders Fields’.

Design and Technology


We will learn the history of bread and research two of the market leaders, complete a tasting and analysis of different bread types, make and design our own bread.


Compose and perform music. Prepare, select and perform for advent assembly.

We will take part in the Big Sing at Mount St Mary’s high school.

PE Dance and athletics

We will learn about: the weather and seasons and places and countries.

We will learn to ask and answer questions through games and songs.


Long term plan – Year 6

Medium term plan – Y6

I’ve just finished reading the book we were reading before the Coronavirus meant school closed, The House with Chicken Legs by Sophie Anderson. I enjoyed it and am sure some of you will love to complete it once we’re back in school.

Amazon have lots of audio books (FREE) you can listen to at home. https://stories.audible.com/start-listen 

Please have a look at our suggested reading lists for children in Year 6. These books are a range of bestselling picture books and longer texts to encourage both shared reading, individual reading and reading for pleasure.


Don’t forget if you would like some more help with your choices or to share your enthusiasm for reading our Reading Ambassadors and School Librarians are always on hand!

The Big List of Children’s Authors Doing Online Read Alouds & Activities

The Big List of Children’s Authors Doing Online Read-Alouds & Activities

Useful Websites

A fantastic website for all sorts of home learning activities and online books – Teachwire Website


Online activities around the celebration of Easter – KS2 Easter Activities


A link to physical development and learning – Physical activities

Learning Projects 








Home Learning

Website Age Range Content
www.classroomsecrets.co.uk Early Years – Yr6 Home learning packs covering English, phonics, maths and practical activities.
www.twinkl.co.uk Early Years – Yr6 Covers the whole curriculum
www.phonicsplay.co.uk Early Years -Yr2 Phonics games and activities



Early Years – Yr6 Various activities and video links to many subjects
www.spellingframe.co.uk Yr1-Yr6 Some free spelling games
www.primaryresources.co.uk Yr1-Yr6 A range of activities and worksheets for all subjects
www.teachingideas.co.uk Early Years – Yr6 A range of activities and worksheets for all subjects
www.topmarks.co.uk Early Years – Yr6 Wide range of subjects with lots of interactive online activities and games
www.crickweb.co.uk Early Years – Yr6 Free online education resources and games
www.primaryhomeworkhelp.co.uk/ Yr1-Yr6 Excellent website with a really wide range of subject coverage



Yr1-Yr8 Free resources and learning videos that link directly with our in school maths curriculum
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAxW1XT0iEJo0TYlRfn6rYQ Early Years – Yr6 Body Coach – Online exercise videos to keep you active 9am live daily
https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/ Early Years – Yr6 Free e-readers
https://corbettmathsprimary.com/ Yr1 – Yr6 Free maths resources
https://www.natgeokids.com/uk/teacher-category/primary-resources/ Early Years – Yr6 Lots of geography resources
https://www.tts-group.co.uk/home+learning+activities.html Early Years – Yr6 Free downloadable home learning activities
http://www.iseemaths.com/home-lessons/ Yr1-Yr6 Daily maths learning
https://www.mathswithmum.com Yr1-Yr6 Maths videos to help with children’s learning
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj0shfH3pzhrf3dOrSj_pRw Early years – Yr2 Phonics based video and dancing
https://hungrylittleminds.campaign.gov.uk/ 0-5years A government recommended website for Early Years
https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/75809/12-world-class-museums-you-can-visit-online All the family Virtual Tours of 12 museums around the world
https://www.stem.org.uk/primary-science Yr1-Yr6 Science activity ideas

Websites currently giving free subscriptions due to school closures

Website Age Range Content
www.twinkl.co.uk Early Years – Yr6 Wide range of resources covering the whole curriculum
www.purplemash.co.uk Yr1 – Yr6 Computing and digital skills – free 14 day trial


Spelling Shed & Maths Shed


Children already have log ins for this. Please use their current usernames and passwords.


Lots of non-fiction e-books to access free: https://worldbook.kitaboo.com/reader/worldbook/index.html?usertoken=Mjk5MzQ6MTpJUjA5MjAxNjoyOmNsaWVudDE2OTc6MTY5NzoyMjE2Mjg4OjE6MTU4NDM4MDExMzA2Mjp1cw==&fbclid=IwAR2pwHf6d30wVXcDUq0zL5DOZ_lVLGkelBWEwpXTWDmwDrdajrkw8OAWBwY

Friday 3 April 2020

Hello, Year 6! I hope you’re well and are reading lots. If you have completed the books you took home, try your Bug Club books, Miss O’Hara set two each before we left school. As promised, please find answers below for the tasks I set at the start of the week. Since I do not have a copy of one of the books (Grammar) I will put the answers I believe they are, but if a Y6 is in next week, please bring your copy in and ask the teacher to send me a photo of the book. Thank you! I have had to copy the page so there are a few answers for pages 6/7 in the maths part. I’ll sort this for next time!

For Joe’s workout this morning, I dressed up as Anna and my daughter as Elsa. I loved dress-up Friday, hope he does it again!

Pig Heart Boy

  1. “Now there’s a surprise!” OR “I wonder what they’re arguing about today.”
  2. “It burnt like a laser.”
  3. To show that Cam’s mum stressed those words when she spoke. It also helped show that she was angry with Cam’s dad for making up his mind about the pig heart treatment without her.
  4. The dialogue makes it seem like real life. It helps the reader get to know the characters and about how Cam’s parents feel.
  5. Angry – with parents for making decisions about his Upset – about his parents arguing a lot.
  6. Yes – because his own heart doesn’t work properly – he can’t even run up the stairs. Yes – if he has the transplant he can have a normal life. OR No – he should wait for a human heart because a pigs night have complications. No – Cam’s mum said it could deform him.

The Story of My Life

  1. Written in first person. Is about events of her life.
  2. It means Helen’s blindness. Because she can’t see, there’s only darkness.
  3. Because she remembered waving to guests before her illness.
  4. Because Helen knew safe would get what she wanted if she kicked the nurse. Helen also felt angry and frustrated at not being able to speak and this was how she let out her anger.
  5. Helen kicked her so she probably didn’t like her. She was probably scared of Helen because Helen says that Martha nearly always did what Helen wanted to do.
  6. An answer that gives examples of how your life would change, with reasons.

Challenge: Research a famous deaf or blind (or both) person, read about their life and how they overcame their disability. Write me a biography to post on the website. You could post it to school or email it.

Maths – Miss O’Hara and Mrs Cole’s




30 March 2020:

Year 6, I hope you’re all well and that you’re looking after younger siblings and your parents. Despite some of you thinking this would be a nice extended holiday, I’m sure many of you are a little bit bored at times.

I do hope you’re making use of what’s available to you. Remember to do PE with Joe Wicks (aka The Body Coach) at 9am each school day. Log onto Spelling Shed, Maths Shed and compete with each other on Timetables Rock stars (just phone school for your login and password).

I will update you during the week and will publish answers to some of the learning you should have tackled by now.

Please have completed by Friday 2nd April:

English Comprehension          Pig Heart Boy and The Story of My Life

Grammar                                 Pages 2, 3, 4, 5

Maths                                      Pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


Luliyana 2