Welcome to Year 5

Hello all,

My name is Mrs Cole and I have taught in Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6. I’ve been at St Francis of Assisi for 5 years now and will be teaching Y5 this year.

I wasn’t always a teacher; I have had some other very interesting jobs too. I’ve travelled to and lived in different countries, so can share interesting facts and stories. I enjoy geography and researching into different cultures; you’ll be able to share some of your own knowledge and cultural stories.

I love reading and will be asking you to recommend books for me, as I do the same for you. A funny novel, or an adventure are always a hit. Picture books are also a favourite.  RE is a big passion of mine and this year I will be looking after it for Mrs Broughton.

Oak Nation Academy has today (20.04.2020) launched an online classroom. There are videos and resources, over 180 each week, something for all learners. https://www.thenational.academy/

BBC bitesize today has (20.04.2020) launched a comprehensive online learning section with videos and resources.  https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize

Dear Children,

School still remains closed and as we don’t know when it will be back open I will continue to upload lots of learning ideas to keep you busy whilst you’re off. Have a look at the ‘home learning’ section and also the ‘home learning blog’ where I am keeping you up to date with what I’m doing whilst we’re off.

Don’t forget though, this is a strange time for all of us so we need to make sure we do the important things to look after ourselves. Get fresh air daily – even if it is just reading a book or having a picnic in the garden. Exercise is also something that will keep your minds nice and active as well as positive. I’m enjoying the half hour of Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) at 9am every morning – can be found on youtube. Enjoy time with those closest to you – family and friends are precious and we don’t often get the time to spend with them like we so wish. It’s hard to meet up with friends at the moment as we’ve all got to stay at home protected however technology is a wonderful thing so face-time them daily.

I cannot wait to be back in the classroom doing what we do best – enjoying learning! Until then…. stay at home, keep safe and keep healthy!

Love Miss Appleyard



Welcome to Year 5, where we are all committed to working hard and striving for our best. Our school rules are at the heart of everything we do:

  1. Listen
  2. Respect
  3. Try our best
  4. Be positive

We have an exciting year ahead with lots of fun, creative learning to ensure we all reach our potential. Reading is one of my favourite hobbies so I cannot wait to share some new texts with you throughout the year and look forward to hearing some of your recommended reads too. As well as that, we have some exciting trips and topics planned!






Best Wishes

Miss Appleyard

Nell Bank – River Study

Nell Bank - River Study    

We had a fantastic trip to Nell Bank Activity Centre in Ilkley. Our main focus was studying a river, having learnt some new knowledge about it in class. We wanted to see what all of these technical terms really meant in the world around us and how they played their part. When we visited the River Wharfe, we had to be very careful as it was already on a yellow warning for flooding but it was a real experience to follow it from the source right the way down to the river – which we were told continued for a whole 60 miles before it then joined with another river.

In the afternoon, we also had the experience of doing some pond dipping where we looked at some of the new life that was starting. We even managed to find a newt!

Finished off with a run round the activity park, it was needless to say we had a fantastic time and consolidated so much of what we had learnt along with finding out some new information too.

Holly reports, ‘It was a really good trip which helped us to learn all about the water cycle and the different parts in it.’

Enoch reports, ‘This was the best trip ever because we learned lots of new things but it was also exciting. The best part was pond dipping!’



World Book Day

World Book Day

Thursday 5th March was World Book Day. We dressed up as a piece of vocabulary. It was a great game to work out who was what word . Some very creative ideas – Miss Appleyard’s favourite has to be Michael with his original idea of coming in reverse (his clothing was on backwards)!

Into University Trip

Into University Into University

Year 5 had their first morning with Into University to delve deeper into what a university is. We took part in a range of activities:

  • Where we can go to university – this tested our geography knowledge as we had to locate different universities in the UK and place them on the map.
  • Where we can stay when we’re at university
  • Different courses we can study at university – we cannot believe there are 50,000 options!

Our Positive Action Zone Stars, who listened well, showed respect, were focused and determined were: Levi, Emmanuel & Treasure!

Well done Year 5 it was an inspiring morning!


Amazing Author Visit with Virginia Clay

Author Visit

Year 5 & 6 had the absolute privilege of meeting a ‘real life author’ in school today. We were completely star struck as she entered the building and loved hearing all about her life story and how she came to write the novel Year 6 have used within their english lessons – linked with their Africa topic. Having read her book (Warrior Boy) about London Schoolboy Ben who is heading for Kenya to meet his Maasai family, it was a great delight to hear how we too can write great books like she has. A great relief to also hear that it took thirteen drafts before her book was ready for publishing; some chapters taking her even more drafts! It was also delightful to hear all about her life in Kenya which added further inspiration for the world that is around us.

We then had the luxury of a book signing session too so more of us can read her novel. Look out for the new book she is writing at the moment – hopefully due for publishing later this year!

Aaron’s review: ‘This was the best experience ever! I have never seen a real life author before which made it even more special. She even gave us a spoiler about her new book ‘The Waves’ which I can’t wait to read!’ 

Y5 newsletter Spring I

Y5 newsletter Spring II

Please have a look at our suggested reading lists for children in Year 5. These books are a range of bestselling picture books and longer texts to encourage both shared reading, individual reading and reading for pleasure.


Don’t forget if you would like some more help with your choices or to share your enthusiasm for reading our Reading Ambassadors and School Librarians are always on hand!

The Big List of Children’s Authors Doing Online Read Alouds & Activities

The Big List of Children’s Authors Doing Online Read-Alouds & Activities

Government List of Online Learning Resources

Online Learning Websites

A lovely Easter competition for all from Mrs Broughton – Easter Competition

Useful Websites

A fantastic website for all sorts of home learning activities and online books – Teachwire Website


Online activities around the celebration of Easter – KS2 Easter Activities


A link to physical development and learning – Physical activities

Learning Projects 








Home Learning

Website Age Range Content
www.classroomsecrets.co.uk Early Years – Yr6 Home learning packs covering English, phonics, maths and practical activities.
www.twinkl.co.uk Early Years – Yr6 Covers the whole curriculum
www.phonicsplay.co.uk Early Years -Yr2 Phonics games and activities



Early Years – Yr6 Various activities and video links to many subjects
www.spellingframe.co.uk Yr1-Yr6 Some free spelling games
www.primaryresources.co.uk Yr1-Yr6 A range of activities and worksheets for all subjects
www.teachingideas.co.uk Early Years – Yr6 A range of activities and worksheets for all subjects
www.topmarks.co.uk Early Years – Yr6 Wide range of subjects with lots of interactive online activities and games
www.crickweb.co.uk Early Years – Yr6 Free online education resources and games
www.primaryhomeworkhelp.co.uk/ Yr1-Yr6 Excellent website with a really wide range of subject coverage



Yr1-Yr8 Free resources and learning videos that link directly with our in school maths curriculum
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAxW1XT0iEJo0TYlRfn6rYQ Early Years – Yr6 Body Coach – Online exercise videos to keep you active 9am live daily
https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/ Early Years – Yr6 Free e-readers
https://corbettmathsprimary.com/ Yr1 – Yr6 Free maths resources
https://www.natgeokids.com/uk/teacher-category/primary-resources/ Early Years – Yr6 Lots of geography resources
https://www.tts-group.co.uk/home+learning+activities.html Early Years – Yr6 Free downloadable home learning activities
http://www.iseemaths.com/home-lessons/ Yr1-Yr6 Daily maths learning
https://www.mathswithmum.com Yr1-Yr6 Maths videos to help with children’s learning
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj0shfH3pzhrf3dOrSj_pRw Early years – Yr2 Phonics based video and dancing
https://hungrylittleminds.campaign.gov.uk/ 0-5years A government recommended website for Early Years
https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/75809/12-world-class-museums-you-can-visit-online All the family Virtual Tours of 12 museums around the world
https://www.stem.org.uk/primary-science Yr1-Yr6 Science activity ideas

Websites currently giving free subscriptions due to school closures

Website Age Range Content
www.twinkl.co.uk Early Years – Yr6 Wide range of resources covering the whole curriculum
www.purplemash.co.uk Yr1 – Yr6 Computing and digital skills – free 14 day trial


Spelling Shed & Maths Shed


Children already have log ins for this. Please use their current usernames and passwords.


Lots of non-fiction e-books to access free: https://worldbook.kitaboo.com/reader/worldbook/index.html?usertoken=Mjk5MzQ6MTpJUjA5MjAxNjoyOmNsaWVudDE2OTc6MTY5NzoyMjE2Mjg4OjE6MTU4NDM4MDExMzA2Mjp1cw==&fbclid=IwAR2pwHf6d30wVXcDUq0zL5DOZ_lVLGkelBWEwpXTWDmwDrdajrkw8OAWBwY


Reply to messages 03-08-20

Reply to Emmanuel:Good morning Emmanuel. Thank you for messaging. I’m doing really well thanks. How about you? What have you been up to so far? 5 more weeks and we will be back at school embarking on your final year of primary school 🙂 I’ve done lots of planning so far of our new topics – looking forward to getting stuck in! Speak soon. 


Final week of Home Learning – WB 13-7-20

Hi everyone. So here we are in the final week of the school year. A completely different one to how we would have ever imagined it to be. However, I have the excitement that in September I will get to see all your smiling faces again – cannot wait! I will be spending this week, along with the handful of children that I have in at the moment, in our new classroom starting to get displays ready for September and getting everything set up. You should, by now, have collected your end of year report. If you haven’t done so, please do go to the school office this week to collect it. I have written inside a lovely letter for you all for over the summer and also to give you some ideas of topics I would really like you to research so that when we start new learning in September we can get off to a flying start with you all already having a good understanding of the topics. I would really like you to make a start this week with that research and so I have attached the letter here just in case you may not have it any more. I will therefore post less formal learning and hope that you will produce some really great creative ideas for our new topics. Would be brilliant to have some things ready to go up on the learning walls in September.  🙂

Letter for summer learning – Intro letter to starting Year 6


Monday – Year-5-Week-12 – Video links

Monday – Lesson-1-Metric-units

Tuesday – Lesson-2-Imperial-units

Wednesday – Lesson-3-Converting-units-of-time

Thursday – Lesson-4-Timetables



Second reply to messages 08-07-20

Message for Ikjot: Hi again Ikjot 🙂 Miss O’Hara is amazing – I’m really looking forward to working with her again. Next week we will begin to make steps in sorting out our new classroom, putting up displays etc. So excited for what September has in store. It is a great shame that Mrs Smith isn’t with us anymore but I think she may still be doing some art across school as she’s looking after art supplies now. We have some great art units to do – I think you’ll really enjoy them! x

Reply to messages 08-07-20

Message for Ikjot: Hi Ikjot, really pleased you are happy that I’m your teacher in September – I hoped you would be! I’m so excited and can’t wait to get back to doing some fun learning with you all. Have already been planning for some of the great things we can do for our new topics. Hope the topic work I’ve given will help you keep busy over the summer and that you enjoy doing the research. Did Miss O’Hara write you a letter too? I didn’t realise she was doing 🙂 It will be an exciting year!!  x


Home Learning – WB 6th July

Hello everyone, hope you are well. We have a good week in school this week. I have 5 children at the moment (Aiman, Enoch, Efosa, Emmanuel and Roy from Year 6). They’ve all worked really hard and had great attitudes which has been good. It is an exciting week this week as you should start to receive your end of year reports and also a letter from the teacher that will take you in September. Only 2 weeks left of the summer term now. Cannot believe this year has gone in a flash – a crazy year that will go down in the book of History and one that won’t be forgotten. Right now for this weeks learning. Well done to Ikjot who continues to send me through excellent work – your maths and artwork are especially impressive!


Maths – Video Links





Maths Answers

Lesson 1 – Answers

Lesson 2 – Answers

Lesson 3 – Answers


Using commas in lists – Powerpoint

Using commas in lists – Fluency

Using commas in lists – Reasoning

Recognising commas to avoid ambiguity – Powerpoint

Recognising commas to avoid ambiguity – Fluency

Recognising commas to aboid ambiguity – Reasoning

Writing activities – The Mysterious Door

Writing activities – The Jefferson House

Writing activities – Egg Shaped

Alice in Wonderland – Comprehension


RE – Wednesday Word



differentiated activities

Next Step


History/ Geography

Who were the Ancient Greeks Slide1

Who were the Ancient Greeks Slide2

Who were the Ancient Greeks Work1

Who were the Ancient Greeks Work2

North America Slide2

North America Work2



Reply to messages 29-6-20



Reply to Ikjot: Good afternoon Ikjot. I have just been looking at your drawings with the children we have got in Year 5 today (Aiman, Enoch, Emmanuel & Efosa). Their feedback is, ‘ Well done Ikjot. These drawings are fantastic. You have worked really hard!’ As always, all your other work is brilliant too. How are you getting on with your practise of colons and semi-colons? Is the tenses work making sense now?


Home Learning WB 26-6-20


Videos to help with home learning – Home Learning Videos – Maths – WB29-06-20

Monday – Lesson-1-Measuring-with-a-protractor-2

Tuesday – Lesson-2-Drawing-lines-and-angles-accurately

Wednesday – Lesson-3-Calculating-angles-on-a-straight-line

Thursday – Lesson-4-Calculating-angles-around-a-point

Arithmetic – Y5 Arithmetic Securing Skills








Concept Cartoon Style Next Step

Differentiated Challenge

Independent Activities

partner activity


Reply to messages 24-6-20

Message for Aiman: Hi Aiman, yes it is just you and Ikjot keeping me company. Though I’ve got 4 children at home that never stop talking haha! What have you been doing today and yesterday? I’m just working on some planning at the moment 🙂

Message for Ikjot: Hi Ikjot. Here are the results for the TT Rockstars competition. We came 8th not too bad I don’t suppose. There is another competition running t the moment – thik it’s on for another 5 days x


Home Learning – WC 23-6-20


Videos to help with home learning – https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-5/

Tuesday – Lesson 1 – Read and interpret tables

Wednesday – Lesson 2 – Two way tables

Thursday – Lesson-3-Multiplying-decimals-by-10-100-and-1000

Friday – Lesson-4-Dividing-decimals-by-10-100-and-1000


Recognising the Future Perfect

Using the Past Perfect

Great project to get involved with – 500 word competition

The most meaningful, and possibly life changing, writing project you may encounter. 500words has launched a Black Lives Matters competition. This will be your homework this week, those attending school, please bring your first draft to school on Monday 29th June (our first day back after this week of closure). We can share and edit and send in the finals. Take inspiration from things you may have already read. Or do some research to help you salong.

It launched today www.500words.me so please look at the website, gather ideas and think about what the Black Lives Matters movement means to you. Our school community is wonderfully multicultural, welcoming people of all backgrounds. We are a unique community and you are incredibly unique, awesome children, so please made sure YOUR message is heard. Get writing!

If anyone who’s not in school would like me to check, just send through on Contact Your Teacher page and I’ll get it back to you. Ask parents too, they can sometimes surprise you with their ideas and may even know some Year 5 punctuation 😉 The deadline is Friday 3 July, so not a lot of time!

Message for Ikjot: Hi Ikjot. The square root is basically the opposite of a squaring a number. So if 7 squared is 7 x 7 = 49. The square root of 49 would be 7. As 7 x 7 gets you to 49. The square root of 36 would be 6 as 6 x 6 = 36. This link may help further – https://www.ducksters.com/kidsmath/square_and_square_root.php


Reply to messages

Message for Aiman: Hi Aiman – thank you for your message. It was really good to see the few of you that were in today. I have missed you all. It was short and sweet but we will be back in soon. I will be in work from Thursday but children can come back from Monday as long as we don’t hear anything different. 🙂

Message for Ikjot: Hi Ikjot. Today was great with Year 5. Was so good to see the 6 children that came in. Unfortunately it was short lived as we have had to take precautionary measures due to a couple of children having temperatures therefore school isn’t back open now until Monday. I look forward to getting back in though. Great work on the grammar activity – we never got round to it. Rewmember with squared numbers it is the one where you see the little 2 above it. So 7 squared is 7 multiplied by itself – 7 x 7 = 49. 6 squared is 6 x 6 = 36. When we cube them we then mmultiply the number by itself 3 times. So 6 x 6 x 6. Hope that helps. You have worked through today’s learning quickly – super well done and all looking brilliant!



Learning 21-6-20

As I am hoping to keep us all on the same track (those in school and those still learning from home), I will upload the learning daily this week. I will ensure it is online the night before it is due to be completed. Please find below the learning for Monday. I am planning on recapping over some of the things we have done so far in Year 5 to check how well we have remembered them and fill in any gaps we may have. If you have found anything particularly difficult or likewise found it really easy then please let me know so I can adjust the learning accordingly.

Spag – YR5-SPaG-Securing-Skills-Sheet-1

Maths – Place Value – Place Value Riddle Cards

Arithmetic – Y5-securing-skills-arithmetic-1

Topic – In the afternoon, we will be completing the first lesson of the North America topic. I uploaded this last week in the learning so please have a look back if you didn’t have a go at it. Hope this helps for Monday 🙂 I’m looking forward to getting back to teaching properly, even if it is a smaller group and just hope you haven’t all forgotten the learning we had done so far in Year 6 haha! See you all soon. Miss A x



Message for Ikjot: Hi Ikjot, everything is ok here, thank you for asking. Sorry for my delay in getting next weeks learning on. I have spent the last few days writing all your end of year school reports ready to send to Mrs Snejberkova so she can add her comments onto them. I have some of the learning ready to upload for this week and will ensure it is on (most definitely by tonight at the latest). I have had to think carefully about what I am doing with you all as I have some returning to school tomorrow so wanted to make sure you all have access to the same thing. I have still not had chance to mark the arithmetic test you sent me but I will make sure I find some time tomorrow to do it 🙂


Good morning everyone. I’m so excited to get back in with Year 5 next week. Be sad to leave the nursery children behind after I’ve just got to know their little personalities but looking forward to pushing Year 5 on in the last 4 weeks up to summer. So today I am spending the day planning for those returning and also getting the online learning on for those who will be following from home. I am going to try and keep the online learning in line with what we will be doing in class so that everyone is on the same page and we know where you are at come September – especially in maths. I plan on recapping over some of the key aspects of the year starting with a review of place value and into the calculation methods. If you are doing the online learning from home could you please send me a message through the contact your teacher page so that I know who is accessing it. At the moment, it only seems Ikjot is doing it. That leads me nicely onto this fantastic summary that Ikjot has written about Cogheart. Have a read. Does it make you want to carry on reading the book? Because I definitely want to! Take and speak soon. Miss A x

Assembly live at 10am with the Duchess of Cambridge

The Duchess of Cambridge is to lead the UK’s biggest assembly on Thursday, delivering a message about kindness to the nation’s young people.


In the video, premiering on the Tes YouTube channel at 10am, the Duchess will be talking about what kindness looks like during the Coronavirus pandemic and how being kind to others and to ourselves can support our mental wellbeing.



TT Rockstars competition

Come on everyone. We are doing rubbish! I would really like to see us in 1st, 32nd or 3rd please.

Reply to messages again – 16-6-20

Here’s my working out Ikjot – hope it helps your understanding. Excellent work on the semi-colons and colons. Very impressed!


Reply to messages 16-6-20

Message for Ikjot: Hi Ikjot. The question you sent me – what is 5 less than 2? – will take you into minus numbers. Imagine the thermometer like we use in class. On the next question – write 68/200 as a percentage – you will will need to cancel down the fraction / simplify it so that it is out of 100. Remember whatever you do to the denominator you have to do to the numerator and vice versa. Once it is out of 100 it is much easier as percentages are always out of 100 too. Your question about is Year 5 starting school now… In school we have lots of planning to do in terms of looking at how many children we can take into school safely as we have to make sure we can still socially distance and that we have enough room for that as well as staff to teach you all. As soon as we can take more children back safely we will be doing and will contact your parents – I hope it is soon because I’ve definitely missed you all!


Reply to messages 15-6-20

Message for Ikjot.: Hi again Ikjot. Not quite. It would read like this,… BSCS is known for many things: the quality of the teaching, especially in English; the healthy and appealing food; and the intelligence and helpfulness of the students. The part that I’ve put in bold is now a main clause and makes sense on its own. It is introducing what will come in the list. Hope that helps further.


Reply to messages

Message for Ikjot: Hi again Ikjot. I’d love to read a summary of where you’ve got up to. You made it sound really exciting when you said there was a cliffhanger! Love a good book! Just looking through your grammar work. You’ve used the first one perfectly. Looking at the second one, the first clause needs to be a main clause. The part that says, ‘is known for many things’ doesn’t make sense on its own. The colon needs to go at the start of the list and the semi-colons will separate the items in the list and is used because there is extra information/ detail about each of the items. Hope that makes sense. Have another go and send it through. 🙂

Competition Update

Look at this guys – we are currently in second place. I will be absolutely thrilled if we can keep in the top 3!! Year 5 are in 56th place though when I look at classes 🙁 Come on let’s have this as a whole school input. Message your class mates and get them on it too!

Reply to messages – 15-6-20

Message for Ikjot: Hi Ikjot. Great maths work as always. Have you been dpoing any writing? I’d love to see some. Or some of the work on the colons and semi-colons?

Reply to messages

Message for Ikjot: Hi Ikjot, hope you’ve had a lovely weekend, Thank you for those ideas for nursery – will definitely use some this week. We’re starting tomorrow with watching a little clip from The Little Mermaid film for the children to have a look at what they can see in the sea. We’re then going to make some paper plate/ handprint crabs 🙂 Their story for this week is Billy’s Bucket. .

TT Rockstars Competition

Hi everyone. St Francis needs your help! A competition has been set up between the schools in the Leeds Diocese on TT Rockstars. It would be absolutely amazing if we could make it to the top! It starts tomorrow. 15th June – 19th June. All you have to do is log in and play any of the arena games and your score will be added to the total for school. Let’s show how great we are! 🙂

Learning for WC 15-06-20

Good morning everyone. Hope you all got on ok with your learning this week. Still only have Ikjot sending me things in. Even if you can’t send work pop me over a message to let me know how you’re doing. Here is the learning for next week. I’ve tried to provide you with a range of resources and a few new things just to change it up a little.


Videos to help with learning for the week – https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-5/

Monday – Monday – Understanding percentages

Tuesday – Tuesday – Percentages as fractions and decimals

Wednesday – Wednesday – Adding decimals

Thursday – Thursday – Adding decimals part 2

Friday – Y5-Arithmetic-Half-Test-6b

Daily Arithmetic – Flashback 4 – This should cover 2 weeks worth Flashback 4

Maths Answers 

Monday – Monday – Understanding percentages – Answers

Tuesday – Tuesday – Percentages as fractions and decimals – answers

Wednesday – Wednesday – Adding decimals – Answers

Thursday – Thursday – Adding decimals part 2 – Answers

Flashback 4 – Answers Flashback 4 with answers


Colons and Semi – colons. There are 2 PowerPoints here to help with your understanding as well as some worksheets to have a go at. These are Year 6 objectives so please don’t worry if you can’t quite get the hang of it yet. Year 5 objective is to be able to use a colon in a list.

Colons and Semi-Colons – How to use

Have a go at using colons and semi – colons

Semi Colons and their use

More English (Please do check daily the BBC Bitesize. They have some really good activities linked to the Year 5 curriculum. I am unable to post these ahead of time as they are only released the day before.)

BBC Daily Book Club – https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zd7dqp3

The Stadium – Writing ideas

When we were young – Writing Ideas

Year 5 Grammar – Past or Present

Year 5 Grammar – Present Perfect

RE – Wednesday Word – Wednesday Word – Gospel 14th June 2020

Our RE topic in class this half term is The Transforming Spirit. It is one from the Year 6 book as topics got shuffled about a little last year. I will make sure I have the Year 6 book to hand for next week and will upload a few sessions linked to that.

Geography – North America

Our topic this half term is North America. Have a go at task 1B – Can you locate the countries of North America? Use an Atlas if you happen to have one. If not google online Atlas and you will be able to get some help there. For the second task, can you match the correct flags to the riddles?

North America – Lesson 1 – Identify the countries of North America

North America – Lesson 1 – Pupil work

Reply to messages 12-06-20

Message for Ikjot: Hi Ikjot. That trifle looks delicious. I have made one before yes and used a box like you did. I think you’re right – it’s the custard that is the hardest to do to make sure it doesn’t go lumpy. Any thoughts yet on my under the sea topic for Nursery next week? How are you getting on with Cogheart and Moonlocket?

Reply to messages 10-06-20

Message for Ikjot – Hi Ikjot, just opened my email to lots of emails from you – thank you. I wanted to start by showing you some of the things we’ve been doing in nursery from the ideas you sent me. We have really enjoyed the story and the children have loved being creative wit hit. Thank you for your ideas. Our theme for the next few weeks is under the sea if you can think of ideas for that too. Next week our story is Billy’s Bucket by Kes Gray. Here are some of the the monsters we created using sticking with lots of different colours and materials. We talked about how we are feeling too and the kinds of things that made us feel happy and sad. Hope you like them.

Just having a look through your work. Love how you’ve used the plastic wallet to help with the decimals work and using the pictorial to show your understanding. On your English work it all looks great too. Just looking at number 6 of the questions. You have used a colon which is very impressive – just remember the first clause before the colon has to be a main clause so it can’t be ‘with:’. You could say ‘I think the crew would make lots of preparations for the journey: take lots of food, a mattress to sleep on…. etc. Hope this helps. When I put on the new learning on Friday I will look for some work to help you with colons and semi-colons so you can get some practice in ahead of Year 6! Keep up the hard work Ikjot and keep smiling 🙂 Love Miss A x

Reply to messages 08-06-20

Message for Ikjot: Hi Ikjot. That cake looks yummy – wish you could share it! I made some cakes at the weekend because it was my grans birthday. Made a carrot cake, Victoria sponge and some cherry scones! All were delicious but we’re still working our way through them. Excellent work with the maths. All correct and looks like you have a really good understanding of decimals. Nursery was good fun. It was very different but I enjoyed it. Just planning some fun activities to do with them tomorrow around a book called the colour monster. it’s a lovely picture book if you want to have a look. You can find it on the internet if you’d like to take a look – you might have some great ideas of things I can do with the children 🙂     (The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas)

Message for Efosa: Hi Efosa. I’m not sure when Year 5 will be coming back to school. I hope it isn’t too long because I’m missing you all lots and we’ve loads of learning to catch up on. We honestly don’t know yet as we have to wait for the government to tell us it is safe t o take back more children. As soon as we know, we will get in touch with your parents. Hope that helps a little.



WB 08-06-20

Hi everyone, I’m sorry this is a little later than planned. I will definitely have it on next Friday in time – so snowed under at the minute with working my way around nursery and other jobs that have to be done. Also trying to sort out the home learning for my own children this week whilst I come back to work as they’ll have to do it independently.  Here is the learning for this week. I hope you enjoy getting back into routine. I’m looking forward to some routine though school is going to look and feel very different.


Home Learning Video Links

Monday – Decimals as Fractions

Tuesday – Understand thousandths

Wednesday – Rounding decimals

Thursday – Order and compare decimals

Monday – Answers – Maths

Tuesday – Answers – Understand thousandths

Wednesday – Answers – Rounding decimals

Thursday – Answers – Order and compare decimals


Monday – https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zm63c7h   – Writing direct and indirect speech

Please do keep looking on BBC Bitesize through the week as they will put new learning on each day however I am unable to access it ahead of time. I have also added you further literacy task below.

Tuesday – English tasks

Wednesday – English tasks

Thursday – English tasks

Friday – English tasks

Other Subjects

Science – Life Cycles in Humans and Animals – https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zjppf4j

French – Schools and Hobbies – https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zjppf4j

Design and Technology – Mechanical Systems – https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zktckmn

History – Anglo Saxons – https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/z3j9ydm



Good morning everyone – how are you all? Just popped on to give a quick update for when I will be back in school next week. School is beginning to open next week to a small number of children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6, as the government have asked us to do. So from Monday, I will be nursery teacher Monday to Thursday. I’ve never worked with the younger ones before but I’m looking forward to trying something different and will embrace the change. Never know, I might stay down there next academic year 😉 This means that the way I put our online learning on will change. Each Friday (starting this week), I will upload the learning for the following week. I will signpost what’s to be done each day and make it as clear as I can. I will still try to pop on on an evening to respond to any messages I receive however it may take me a little longer than it has been doing. Nursery might completely tire me out haha! Hope you are all well and still enjoying your time at home. Any questions, or problems, feel free to message through the Contact Your Teacher pAge and I’ll do my best to help. Speak soon. Miss A x


Reply to messages 31-05-20

Reply to Ikjot: Good morning Ikjot – love your creativity with that Barbie house! You’ve done a fantastic job and what luxury they will get to live in! Does feel like we haven’t spoke in a long time. Don’t ya think every day seems like a week these days?! Hope you’re well x



Hi everyone – feels like ages ago since I was on here writing. Taken a few days out to enjoy some family time over the bank holiday weekend seen as the weather has been so kind to us too. Hope you are all having some good fun and relaxation too. Just thought I would pop on and respond to messages I’ve had and also pop you on some fun activities for over this half term. I will be a little quieter (kinda thinking this is the calm before the storm and I start being back in school more) so I want to make sure I’m nicely refreshed and ready to hit full speed again. You don’t have to do the activities but I thought it may help with some of the boredom that might kick in. As always I’d love to see what you do. I will keep popping back to check messages and send replies so I won’t vanish for good haha!

Half term activities

Noticed Mrs Cole has put up some really good activities too so pop over to Year 6 page and have a look there for further inspiration!

Reply to Ikjot: Hi Ikjot. Thank you so much for the letter that you’d written as one of your literacy tasks. It was really lovely and definitely made me smile. It’s really nice to feel appreciated. I’m beginning to be convinced that you’re the only one reading my blogs and responding – makes my time feel worthwhile still. Great work on your maths too – you’ve aced fractions. Can’t wait to get back in the classroom and push you even further. Those sweets looked delicious too! You’ll have to make some more once we’re back in school so I can have a tasting session haha! 

Message for Holly: Pleased to hear you’ve been baking too – the tasting has got to be the best part haha! My favourite bake so far has been a carrot cake. It was delicious!! What have you been baking? 

Message for Ryan: Hi Ryan. Sorry you’re having trouble accessing bug club. I don’t want to write your details on here with your password but if you ring the school office tomorrow they have all the details there so they will be able to give you it over the phone. Hope that’s ok? Hope you are keeping well? What have you been doing whilst we’ve been off? Take care, sending love and prayers for you and your family. 



Hey everyone – hope you’re all well. Another beautiful day out there. Can’t help but think lock down would be even harder if we didn’t have the sun shining brightening our day a little.

Maths: So today’s maths is subtracting mixed numbers. Should follow nicely on from yesterday where you were doing addition. https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-5/ Anything tricky let me know.

Maths worksheet: Lesson-4-Subtract-mixed-numbers

Maths answers from yesterday: Lesson-3-Answers-Add-mixed-numbers

English: Today’s writing lesson is writing a thank you letter. There’s a fab activity in there about writing to Captain Thomas Moore – the incredible 100 year old former army officer who has raised an amazing 33 million pounds for NHS charities in our country. You could write to tell him how incredible he is and thank him for his efforts during this pandemic. Yesterday was also National Thank A Teacher day. Maybe you could write a thank you letter to one of the teachers in school or to Mrs Snejberkova to thank her for all her hard work during this really difficult time as she’s continued to keep our school running as well as it possibly could. She’s been and is still a very busy lady whilst she puts plans in place to try and get us back to school safely. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/z6hvgwx

Reading Comprehension: For those of you who are running out of or have run out of books, here is some more reading to keep you going. If you have a Leeds Libraries card, you can also log onto their website and read books online completely free. Stage 5 Reading Packs – Stage 5 Reading Pack

Now, next week is half term. For those of you who have been working hard, I would like you to take a little break or change your learning to more creative ideas.I won’t be posting daily like I  do at the moment as I need to have a little break from work too so that I’m fully recharged once I might be back into school at the beginning of June and I’ll be busy doing other jobs. Have you got any ideas of some of the things you’d like to have a go at? Or some resources you’d like me to find and post on tomorrow so that you’ve got things to be keeping busy with? Send me a message on the Contact Your Teacher page if so and I will do my best to find some things.

Massive well done to Levi, Nicky and Blessing, as you have completed all of the books that are available online. Please do try and get access to some more books so that you can keep up this great reading. Also have a go at the comprehensions I’ve posted above – I’d love to see your work once you’ve done. Well done as well to Muhammad, Emmanuel, Aaron, Eliza and Rehaan who had completed their current allocations – Mrs Smith has give you some more to have a go at. Great effort from Safiyyah, Holly and Lucy too who only had one book left. So pleased you’re all trying to keep on top of your reading. It will be one you are working really hard on when you get into year 6 so the more you do now the easier it will be.

I have now set some new assignments on spelling and maths shed to keep you going over the new few weeks too. Please do try and get lots of practice in.


So we have so far won 2 battles against Year 6. Let’s make sure we win the 3rd too. I have set up a new battle to run until the 8th June. Make sure you spread the message to both 5 and 6 so that we can have a really strong battle from both sides. Here’s to winning Year 5 – I’m sure you won’t let me down. 🙂


Here is the Wednesday Word for this week. The word for this week is ‘Friendship’. You will also find in this edition there is a the next two weeks as well as it forms a little booklet. We thank Jesus for friendship and all our friends who we quite often need in a time like this. We look to them for comfort and reassurance just as we can look to God for these too. What words stood out for you in the Gospel? Was there anything that really made you think or reflect?

Wednesday Word – Special Edition

Message for Ikjot: I’ve really enjoyed looking at all of the work you’ve sent in for me to see and I’m so impressed at how much you’ve been doing. Looking forward to reading your summary.Have a look at lesson 2 – adding fractions of maths from this week on Q6. I’ve noticed that you’ve used 0 for the numerators. Could you make this activity trickier by not using 0? Keep going. x

Message for Holly: I have been busy gardening too Holly. Have some new garden furniture coming next week so I’m looking forward to getting it all set up. I’ve baked lot of cakes too – just run out of ingredients so I’ll get some more on this weeks shopping. I’d love to take my children on bike rides. Unfortunately, all their bikes are far too small now so I think I’m going to add them a new bike each to their birthday lists for this year. Need to get myself one too! x


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Message for Rehaan: Hi Rehaan, lovely to hear from you. I will check with Mrs Smith but it may be that you’ve completed the available books that we have on Bug Club now as I know we were starting to run out. If that’s the case I will put some comprehensions on with tomorrows learning for you to have a go at. There’s also a bundle of them if you look further down the page too. I will pop some more maths and spelling shed on too for you to be getting on with. Quarantine is very strange – thanks for asking. I’m ready for us all to get back now but I know we can only do that when it’s safe. Keeping myself busy with starting to plan for next year and I have 30 reports to write so that’s keeping me occupied too! What have you been up to? Do write back it makes me smile when I receive messages from you all  – lock down can feel a bit lonely at times. Take care and sending love to all your family x

Message for Holly: Hi Holly, lovely to get a message from you – thank you for taking the time to write. I’m missing everyone too, feels really strange not seeing you all for so long! I have no idea how long this will go on for. I don’t think anyone knows really. We are starting to make plans for some year groups to come back like the government have asked but we honestly don’t know if that will happen yet either – we just have to wait and see. The safest place for you all to be at the moment is home but as soon as we can make it safe enough we will get you back in school and get our little class back together again. Me and my family are all staying safe. What have you been doing to keep yourself busy whilst you’ve been off? Take care and sending love to all your family x

Message for Ikjot: Good morning Ikjot. Just had a look at the question you were talking about and it’s wanting you to continue writing into chapter 11 of what you think the conversation will be between Lily and Robert. What’s happened so far? Can you write me a summary to sum up what you’ve read with the key points?


Good morning everyone. Been out for my morning run and baked some scones for after lunch – they smell and look yummy! Got the pool out for my children to have some fun in the garden seen as it’s going to be a hot day! Hope you guys get outside today too – remember the sun cream and hat! Today’s learning is here if you’d like to have a go though whilst the weather is nice don’t feel bad about pushing it to the side and catching up tomorrow.

Maths: Today we are adding mixed numbers. https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-5/ Shouldn’t be too tricky just remember to always check the denominator – if they’re the same, easy.. if not you’ll need to find a common denominator to ensure you can add them correctly. How are you finding the fraction learning?

Maths worksheet: Lesson-3-Add-mixed-numbers-2019

Maths answers from yesterday: Lesson-2-Answers-Add-fractions-2019

English:  Another great image for today’s writing inspiration – a library full to the brim from floor to ceiling with books. But not just any library – a magical one… Where will you take that magical story? I would love to read some of your ideas. Magic Library writing inspiration

Science: A great science lesson today on BBC Bitesize about magnets. If you don’t have a magnet at home then don’t worry you could make predictions and test once we’re back at school. Though some of you may have magnets on your fridge – those will work. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zftckmn

Have a great day whatever you do. Take care. Love Miss A x

Reply to messages 19-05-20

Message for Efosa: Good afternoon Efosa. Thank you for your message. I’m doing ok at the moment – how about you? Trying to keep myself busy so that the days go quicker and don’t drag on. What have you been up to? Into University sent us some pics of the work you and your brother had been doing with them. It looked fab! Take care x


Good morning everyone! Another beautiful day – sat here with the patio doors open and the sun shining through. I’ve just been for a morning run – great to get you up and out and fetch more motivation (makes me feel so much better too). A yummy omelette for breakfast – think this is my kick start to trying to be a healthier me (already thinking about a chocolate biscuit with my cup of tea haha)! Right onto today’s learning…

Maths: Today follows on from yesterday with addition of fractions into mixed numbers. Remember a mixed number is when we have a whole number and a fraction. That whole number may represent 5/5 or 6/6 for example. If you get stuck try to use the models that we used in the class – either bar or circular, for example a cake. https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-5/

Answers from yesterday’s maths: Lesson-1-Answers-Add-and-subtract-fractions

Maths worksheet: Lesson-2-Add-fractions

English: It’s all about homophones and using paragraphs in your writing. Some great homophonest o focus on – that lots of you get mixed up with at school – would be their/ there/ they’re  or are/our. These a few great activities on there – especially one where you select where the paragraphs should go. Great practice. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zm9dqp3

If you fancy something a bit different to BBC Bitesize for today, have a go at these reading and writing tasks. All tasks are linked with one image; I love the great vocabulary choices here for the story starter. Could you have a go at continuing it and keeping up the great vocabulary choices? Or maybe have a go art the ‘sick sentences’ – P.S. These are sentences that are dull and boring and need fetching back to life adding interest. I’d love to see what you do.

Flying – reading and writing tasks

Everything seems to be changing again at the moment. We were just about getting used to the new ‘normal’ during lock down and now we may be starting to move out the other side of it, it can be more than a little worrying. But know, you are not alone in this and we as adults are just as worried as you will be too. If you’re feeling worried/ anxious reach out to someone – you never now they may be feeling exactly the same way too (people are good at hiding when they’re not feeling 100%). You may be feeling absolutely fine about everything that’s going on and that’s absolutely fine too. We are trying our hardest at school to make adaptations so that children can come back to school as soon as it is safe to do so but we still have a lot of work to do – rest assured we are trying our best and think about you all often. I thought I would leave this little story with you if you want to have a read. It might be something you can share with your younger siblings. Take care and as always stay safe!  https://en.calameo.com/read/000777721945cfe5bb9cc?authid=Xu9pcOzU3TQx

Love Miss A x


Good afternoon all. Apologies for the delay in adding the learning for today – I’m in school with key worker children today and have been in a meeting this morning. Here we go…

Maths: Today’s learning objective is adding and subtracting fractions. Remember the first thing you should be checking is whether they share the same denominator. If they do then the addition or subtraction is simple. If not, then you need to convert them to have a common denominator. Writing the multiples down the side will help with this. https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-5/

Maths worksheet: Lesson-1-Add-and-subtract-fractions-2019

English: This lesson is all about using similes and metaphors. I have made us – for when we return – a 9 page thesaurus based on the new writing techniques we’re going to use. One of those sections is purely on similes and metaphors. It would be great if you could send across some examples from books you are reading at the moment. I would like the full sentence that includes the metaphor/ simile along with the title and author orf the book. Have a go at some of the activities here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/z4nybdm


History: An interesting lesson today all about Henry VIII. I’d love to see some fact files all about him and the significant parts of his life. If you feel like doing some great writing you could write a biography and include some pictures/ photographs. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zdj8wty

Message for Ikjot: Thank you for your message this morning Ikjot – sorry I’m late on today I shall make sure I’m punctual in the morning and get it on first thing before I do the homeschooling with my own children. Thank you for all the pictures of your learning too – really enjoying reading your comprehension answers as I haven’t read the rest of the book yet. Love the elephant you’ve made using recycled materials too – you could make a whole zoo with those haha! My little girl would love to make one of those. Feeling very tired today think it’s all catching up on me – have some reading training tonight with Mrs C who does the writing challenges on a morning. Quite looking forward to getting a cuppa and watching that!  Take care and speak soon – Miss A x


Reply to messages and home learning

Message for Ikjot: Wow Ikjot those sketches from today’s art are brilliant! You have a real talent. Mrs Lafenechere, who works in the office, cannot believe how much you’ve been doing – she thinks you’re amazing too! How are you finding Cogheart so far? Answers to your comprehension questions look great – some really indepth responses thinking carefully about the vocabulary choices and meanings. Going back to yesterday’s maths work. Q4 just requires you to put either a numerator or denominator that would make them correct. So for example 4a needs you to write a fractions tht is less than 5/15. Now if we simplify that fraction so that it has the same denominator as the one you’re comparing it to. Now we can simplify 5/15 because 5 is a prime number and we have to remember that whatever we do to the denominator we have to do to the numerator. Therefore we can change the ?/5 into ?/15 but we need to remmeber we have multiplied it by 3. So if we say the numerator is 1 making it 1/5 < 5/15, we can now check we are correct by changing 1/5 into 3/15 which would be less than the 5/15. You may have more than one option for what you choose for the numerator or denominator that is missing you just need to check that when you compare them the symbol used its correct. I hope that makes sense it’s so hard to explain online haha! For question number 6 do similar – try to find a common denominator which will allow you to compare them easier. Looking at 6b, I can see straight away that I can change them all into ninths to be able to compare – then just remember when you write your answer to convert them back to the original form of the fraction. I’ve attached the answer sheet here for you to have a look too.



Good morning everyone – hope you are all well! The sun is shining again this morning whilst I sit with a cuppa ready to plan out your days learning. Any nice plans for the weekend? Weather is supposed to be warm but cloudy – still plenty nice enough to go for a walk or a little picnic (be sure to stay 2m away from anyone who isn’t within your family unit though). Stay safe but enjoy!

Maths: Friday’s learning is always a Family Challenge. Questions 1 -5 are most relevant for Year 5 however why not try some of the others too with your family? I love challenges like this to really puzzle out. Why not even share your progress online using a hashtag.

Maths Challenge – Family-Challenge-Friday-15th

English: Some excellent reading tasks on here today around Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief! Use those VIPERS skills to retrieve information from the text and summarise key ideas. I’ve not read this book before – be great to hear what you all think. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zkmkd6f

Art: An art lesson is up today on BBC bitesize – either that or you could follow on the theme of our wildlife art and sketches. Maybe choose an animal that lives in the wild and produce a colourful sketch. You could even link to the science we did earlier in the week and research the environment it lives within and there have been any adaptations along the way. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zbdhnrd Why not have a look in the recycle bin and see if you can recycle some of the materials to make a 3D version of your animal/creature?

Have a great weekend – make the most of the new ‘normal’ we have been given. Enjoy that extra special time with your families – before we know it we will be thrust back into the chaos that is school life 🙂  Can’t wait for that part though! Missing you all. Miss A x



Good morning everyone. Hope you are all still well and keeping safe. I’m just about to do some online refresher courses for my first aid qualification – thought I’d pop your learning on before I do.

Maths: Today’s learning is comparing and ordering fractions less than 1. Again, we have done this in class but you may well need to remind yourself on the strategies therefore have a watch of the video first. https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-5/ It is lesson 4. The first thing we should identify on fractions is whether they share the same denominator. If they do not, then we need to look at finding a common denominator to make them easily comparable. There were another 2 strategies that we looked at – see if you can remind yourself of them (P.s. One was to do with the numerators being the same).

Maths worksheet: Lesson-4-Compare-and-order-fractions-less-than-1-2019

English: Today’s learning is all about writing a recount. You know how to do this – just remind yourself of everything you would need to include to make it a recount e.g. past tense. There’s a few options about what you could write for this: you may choose to do the recount on Neil Armstrong (would be pretty cool); or you could make it more personal and be a recount of something you’ve done; you could even write a recount from the point of view of one of the characters in a book you’re reading at the moment. Have a look at BBC Bitesize to help. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zk3tpg8

RE/ Wednesday Word: This week’s Wednesday Word is focussed on the Holy Spirit being our helper and guiding us along our way. The presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives will help us to grow in love, joy, wisdom, peace, self-control, patience, faithfulness and kindness. We can ask the Holy Spirit to help us, especially at times when things are difficult. Click below to see the full Wednesday Word and share it with your family.

Wednesday Word 13-05-20

Message for Ikjot: Thank you for the learning you’ve sent in Ikjot – always lovely to have a look through what you’ve done. You’re really good at sketching. Was just reading through the answers to the comprehension questions. Have a look at your R5 question. Mr Silverfish has corrode – think about what that word means and see if you can find some other examples of it used in a sentence. It’s not quite right how you’ve written it and maybe needs a suffix to make correct sense. Popped up the Spelling Shed and Maths Shed yesterday  – hope you noticed x 

TT Rockstars

Big well done Year 5! You beat Year 6 again in the Rockstar tournament 🙂 Shout out the 14 children who got involved: Ikjot, Treasure, Levi, Rehaan, Emmanuel, Aiste, Nicky, Nathan, Blessing, Muhammad, Ryan, Efosa, Holly & Enoch.


Reply to messages 13-05-20

Reply to Aiman’s letter: Good morning Aiman, was so happy to receive your letter just now – was hoping to hear from you about how you were doing. Me and my family are all well thank you. I hope you and yours are too? I’m praying lots too that we can all be back together as soon as it is safe. You have been doing so much whilst you have been off! I’m really proud of you and the work you are doing to help others in our communities – those who really do need our help in these strange and uncertain times and I’m sure they appreciate it lots too. Really hope the fundraising is going well for your mosque. Will you be having Eid celebrations soon? I hope you have a lovely one and that you’ve had a spiritual and reflective Ramadan (sounds like you have). Your Uncle’s puppy sounds like good fun – I used to have a German Shepherd when I lived at home with my mum and dad. Mmmm shortbread biscuits sound tasty too! Were they good? Fresh start and a fresh classroom hopefully not too far away! 🙂 Take care and stay safe. Love Miss A x


Morning all! The sun is shining again today. 🙂  Learning for today…

Maths: Today’s objective is converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa. Shouldn’t be too tricky. Have a watch of the video to help and if you’re struggling head over to BBC Bitesize for further help as their objectives link too. https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-5/

Maths Worksheet – Lesson-3-Convert-between-Improper-and-mixed-numbers-2019

English: Today it is about structuring a debate/ argument and fits perfectly with the images of the coast at Blackpool that I posted Yesterday. The debate is that litter should be kept out of our oceans. I’m sure you can research some really good points to argue for this one – it’s kind of a no brainer as to why we shouldn’t be littering them. Again I would love to read some. I’ve only got Ikjot sending me anything at the moment – she does a fab job but it would be lovely to see some more! https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/z7pj7nb

Science: The science lesson on today is adaptation. This is one of the science units that we haven’t yet covered with going off however if we manage to get back before the summer – which I think we may – then this will be something that we do so you can get a hard start with your knowledge. Be a great idea to research adaptation in animals and create a collage of all the different ones with little snippets of how they’ve adapted – could add some great drawings for those of you who like art or snip and copy onto a document if you prefer to use a comouter or ipad. Key question: Is adaptation just animals? https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zjtny9q

Art: Here’s the next lesson in the sequence for the wildlife drawing. It moves from drawing feathers to drawing birds. #Lesson Presentation Drawing Birds in Pencil

Message for Ikjot: Hi Ikjot, with regards to the maths questions you were struggling with… You are doing equivalent fractions so if you’ve been given 2/18 you need to make the other fractions equivalent to that. If you take the ?/9. What has happened to the 18 to get 9? Divided or multiplied by what? Because whatever has happened to the denominator you need to do that to the numerator too. That should then help you solve the other ones too. For question 8: If A + B = 13 – what options do you have in terms of what numbers those could be? Out your options in polace in the fractions – do the yamke equivalent fractions? Once you’ve worked out those that should help you work out the equivalent fractions for C. I’ve popped you the answers below but before you look have a go. If you do look then puzzle them out and think about how they could have got those answers so that you ‘re clear about what”s been done. Hope you enjoy today’s learning. Lesson-2-Answers-Equivalent-fractions-2019

Reply to messages 12-05-20

Message for Ikjot: It was lovely to see your smiling face at the window Ikjot. Pleased you got the books and I really hope you enjoy them. I can’t remember what page we got up to but I think it was around chapter 8. Look forward to hearing what you think when you get started on them as I’ve not finished it either – I must find time to read more! Looking forward to reading the speech you’ve written 🙂 You are right about those images. It just shows that now people are having to stay in doors and not using boats or visiting the coasts that there’s less damage being done to our planet. Couldn’t believe how clear the waters looked! Take care. Speak soon x


Good morning all!

The sun is shining once again – it’s blazing through the window as I write this. Sat in our classroom waiting for the key worker children to arrive. Feels so good to get out of the house for a little bit and do something different. I haven’t had many messages yet – please do get in touch even if it’s only to say hi and let me know you’re reading this blog. Now for today’s learning…

Maths: Make sure you head over to White Rose (https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-5/ and click on Week 4 (WC 11th May). Today you are tasked with equivalent fractions. We have covered this objective however we were still working through our fractions unit so this would be good practise. Watch the video clip to refresh yourself and then have a go at the sheet below. Also attached another Flashback for you to complete.

Maths Worksheet – Lesson-2-Equivalent-fractions

English: Hope on over to BBC Bitesize https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/znvxt39 for today’s learning on writing a powerful speech. Activity looks partocularly good: it says to write a speech to the Prime Minister. Maybe you could link it to the situation we all find ourselves in with COvid-19 and you could write a formal powerful speech to him (or even to Mrs Snejberkova-Taylor) about how we can ensure safety in our school when we do return. I’d love to read some of those and I’m sure Mrs Snejberkova would too.


Geography: BBC Bitesize also has a great one off lesson today on Sustainability and plastics. There’s a quiz, sorting activity and opportunity to make a leaflet about recycling. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zrqj7nb I noticed a friend had posted these photographs of the coast at Blackpool. The first image is of Blackpool last Summer. The other two photographs have been taken not so long ago. What do you notice? Why do you think this might be? What does it show us?

TT Rockstars: The battle is still going on for a another 2 days but Year 5 are in the lead still too! 🙂 Well done for your effort guys – I’m impressed!


Third Reply to messages 11-05-20

Message for Ikjot: Great work today – all your maths is correct! 🙂 Your feather looks amazing too – captured the colours beautifully! Hope you don’t mind me uploading for others to see your amazing work. Assinment on its way to Maths & Spelling Shed too x


Second Reply to messages 11-05-20

Message to Ikjot: Well done on cracking on with some learning today. We use cm2 (centimetre squared) because you are finding the area. If you were to break the shape down, inside it would be made up of 1cm2 squares. So if I had a square which was 4cm by 4cm – it would be filled with lots of little squares each which are 1cm2. Which is why we do 4×4 = 16cm2. There would be 16 of those 1cm2 squares within it telling us the area is 16cm2. I’ve added a little diagram below just to clarify. Hope that helps. P.S. Look forward to receiving the work you send through – especially the peacock feather! x




Reply to messages 11-05-20

Message for Efosa: Good morning Efosa. Thank you for your message. I know lots of you will be asking this question after Boris Johnson’s update last night but the answer as to when we will be back at school we just don’t know. I hope and pray every day that we will get to see each other before the summer but it;s important for us to remember that we cannot go back until it is absolutely safe for us to do so – safe for you guys, your parents when dropping and collecting you, and also our staff. The Prime Minister did say that last night that maybe Year 6 could be one of the first classes to go back at the beginning of June so they can be ready for transition to high school however this is only a maybe (if figures don’t rise again) and we at school now have lots of planning and discussions to make as to how we can manage to do this safely. We will still have to social distance – you know how small our classroom is, we’re practically on top of each other already haha! But we need not to worry because I’m only ever at the end of a message if you need anything and I know you have a great family who will be taking care of you and keeping you busy. Make sure you’re looking at the learning I put up each day to keep you going and have that brain ticking over. Missing you all lots! x


Good morning Year 5! Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend and are now ready to get back into a little bit of routine even if it is at home. Each day I will be uploading some learning tasks for you to do so make sure you head over and check them out. Any help or want a chat, message me on the Contact your Teacher page.

Maths: Try out the flashback 5 below. When you head over to White Rose make sure you are on Summer Term – Week 4 (w/c 11th May). Today’s learning is area of rectangles – remember the formula to use l x w (length x width). Find a video to help you over at: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-5/. I have attached a worksheet below for you to have a go at – if you don’t have a printer don’t worry you could just jot your answers and working on a bit of paper. There’s further help and activities over at https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zh9brj6.

Area of rectangles worksheet – Lesson-1-Area-of-rectangles-2019

English – BBC bitesize has a lesson today on writing formal reports. On activity 3 you could write a report about your favourite celebrity or sportsperson: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zhqbrj6 For something different, head on over to Mrs C’s YouTube channel for a writing lesson. She sets some great challenges that will help you practise using your writing techniques. Her lesson goes live at 9:45 every morning but if you can’t watch it live, don’t worry because you can watch it at any point during the day. https://www.youtube.com/user/Devouefrenchbulldogs.

Art: Ikjot asked for some art lessons to work through – so this week I’m going to pop up one a day. The them is wildlife so each lesson will build upon the previous and I would love for you to send some of your sketches in for me to see. You can send them to the school email address:  jlaf@beeston-st-francisassisi.leeds.sch.uk .  There’ll be a powerpoint just like we use in class with an activity or two for you to have a go at.

Art PowerPoint – Lesson Presentation Drawing Feathers

Have a lovely day everyone and take care – Miss A x

Message for Ikjot: Morning Ikjot, Mrs Smith is doing well – I will tell her you were asking after her. I’m in school with her tomorrow; she’s doing some jobs in getting school ready and I’m looking after key worker children. Hope the lessons above will help you out with the maths and some art to keep you busy 🙂 x

Message for Eliza: Thank you for your message Eliza – wish it was a bit longer haha! Glad you’ve sorted your bug club through. Hope you’re well? x 


Hi everyone! Hope you’ve been having a lovely weekend and you had some nice celebrations for VE day on Friday. Just popped on to showcase some work that Ikjot has sent through – it might give you some ideas of little projects to keep you busy, Massive well done Ikjot – was lovely to see how hard you’ve been working and that double page spread is amazing!! Keep up the hard work.

Message for Ikjot: Yes I will be able to give you a little pack of resources that would go with each of those books. I shall post them on Tuesday for you.

Take care everyone – I’ll be back on tomorrow with some learning for you all. x

Update 09-05-20

If you are struggling to send work through to me on the Contact your Teacher page then you can send it to the school email address and I will have it forwarded 🙂  jlaf@beeston-st-francisassisi.leeds.sch.uk


Message for Ikjot: Morning Ikjot, I’m not allowed to give out my email address but I’m just trying to get hold of the main office email as you can send it to there and they will forward it to me – I’ll post it later once I’ve got it. I’ve taken a pic of some of the books I’ve got. Just wondering which ones you like the look of and if there’s any that you’ve not seen? 














Update 3 – 08-05-20

Message for Ikjot: Hi again Ikjot. I didn’t receive any of the pictures you’ve tried to send. Try to attach one at a time and see if it sends then. Bike ride sounds fun – I want to get myself and my children a bike each. Love going for bike rides but they’ve all outgrown theirs now. Looking forward to hopefully seeing some pics of your double page spread. Good night x 

Update 2 – 08-05-20

Message for Efosa: Oh my gosh! I’ve just finished reading Warrior Boy – what an amazing book and what a tense ending. So pleased it ended on a happy ending. Can’t wait to read part 2 – hope she writes one again soon! Loved it! 

Update 08-05-20

Message for Ikjot: Your messages do make me smile – I look forward to receiving them. I am so pleased and proud that you’re working just as hard at home as you would be at school and the hard work will pay off when you get into Year 6! I am at a meeting in school on Tuesday so I will try get some books to you then to have a go at with some questions. Think I will have to set up a new account for you to be able to challenge me – I’ll have a go over the weekend. My children have also done some double page spreads about VE day – I’ve attached some pics below. Have a lovely day today – the weather is gorgeous so we’ve got the paddling pool out and plan on a day in the garden. 


Good morning! Happy VE day! Hope you’ve all got some lovely plans today. I will be out in the garden with my family having a barbecue once we’ve decorated the front of the house.

Here are some reading comprehensions as promised Ikjot – hope some more of you will have a go too!

Reading Comprehension Pack

Massive well done to the 11 children who are working hard on TT Rockstars to make sure we win!! Levi, Ikjot, Rehaan, Treasure, Emmanuel, Blessing, Muhammad, Nicky, Ryan, Efosa & Nathan – you’re all stars and I’m so pleased you’re continuing to practise. It makes me very happy 🙂

Update 3 – 07-05-20

Hey guys – Ikjot has asked for some History work putting up. It will be quite nice for you to do some too. I’ve found some activities and a reading comprehension all about VE day which is being celebrated tomorrow. We have made some Union Jack bunting to decorate the outside of the house. Feel free to send me some pictures on the contact your teacher tab. Just to note on the comprehension it has 3 different levels which are shown by the stars at the bottom of the page. In class I would generally give you 2 or 3 star sheets because you’re all amazing 🙂

VE day comprehension

VE day discussion

Deisgn a VE day medal

Update 2 – 07-05-20

Message for Ikjot: Hi again Ikjot. To challenge me on TT Rockstars, you go to Rockslam and then select me in the list. Now I’m not sure where I’ll show up as I just click onto Year 5 and can then see all your names. Is there a teacher tab there? If not, I may need to set up an account like a child so that you can challenge me through that. My TT Rockstars name is Sara Laurie – just incase that helps. How on earth did you get 44?!! I will send you a couple more through now on the Rockslam arena. I’ve just read your message about some history work too – did you do the double page spread on VE day? I’d love you to send me a pic if you have, But I shall have a look and see what I can find that may interest you 🙂 I will also pop some comprehension tasks up. Give me an hour or two to have a look through x

Ikjot, here is the Bug Club percentages you asked for with the green, amber and red. You have 74% at green which is a great score. Keep practising hard and make sure you read lots. Have you got some reading books at home? I wonder if I could arrange to have you some dropped off if you would like? I could maybe get some comprehension questions that link with the reading books.



Update 07-05-20

Message for Efosa: Hi Efosa, thank you for your message.I’m good thank you, hope you are too? How are you keeping yourself busy?  I have noticed that you have managed to get into TT Rockstars – hopefully you can help us win! So far, Year 6 are taking over :-/ Have you received a letter from me in the post yet? Speak soon – Miss A

Message for Enoch: Please can you message through the school website on the contact your teacher page Enoch instead of anything else. I can talk to you then. 

Come on Year 5 – I have a feeling they’re going to win this time!


Good morning all – set to be a gorgeous day full of sunshine today. Hope you make the most of it.

The results are in from the TT Rockstar battle….. *Drum roll*




Year 5 are the winners with a tremendous 3,850 lead! Well done Year 5 – I’m proud of you. Shout out to all those who got involved: Treasure, Levi, Rehaan, Ikjot, Sada, Holly, Ryan, Muhammad, Enoch, Blessing and Nicky. I’ve set up a new battle to run for a week… I’d love to see more people involved this time. If you don’t know how or need log ins then use the contact page on the website. I’ve only received 2 messages so far. I have some certificates for the most valuable players for the battle – will give them out once we’re back!

Ikjot: Thank you for your message. I’ve set up the new battle at your request 🙂 and I’m doing well thank you. Hoping to geet out in the garden this afternoon once I’ve done a little bit of work. Hope you’re well too. How have you been keeping busy during our time at home? Are you ok with the learning? Anything I can help with or anything you want more of? Did wonder about maybe popping some reading comprehensions up here… what do you think? Take care. Speak soon x 


Another update but an EXCITING one! 05-05-20

The staff at St Francis have put together a little message for you all. Head across to https://bsf-leeds.co.uk/parents/news-and-alerts/ and you’ll see the video. We miss you all and cannot wait to be back in our lovely school doing what we do best! Take care x

Update 05-05-20

Message in reply to Rehaan: Hi Rehaan, lovely to receive your message! I have added on 2 new Spelling Shed assignments and a Maths Shed assignment so you should be able to access those. I’ve popped a pic below as I can see your TT Rockstar speed from my side ok – don’t think there’s a problem with it. Also just noticed you beat my TT Rockslam score with 37!! How on earth are you that quick? I think I need to get practising! Hope this helps and you’re keeping safe and well. Love Miss A


Good morning all! The sun is shining this morning – makes everything feel much brighter!

We are a massive 3,620 in front of Year 6! We have 24 hours to go though – keep it up, we don’t want to drop! Big thank you to the 10 that have joined in to help us get there: Treasure, Levi, Rehaan, Ikjot, Sada, Holly, Ryan, Muhammad, Blessing & Nicky!

Hop on over to https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/tags/zhgppg8/year-5-and-p6-lessons/1 for todays learning.

Maths: Multiplication 4 digit by 2 digit. Practice and become confident with the written method. If you feel confident how about working out the inverse to check your answers? Remember the 0 when multiplying by the 10. There are step by step guides on the page to help you work through it before you try some of your own. There are some problem solving challenges on there too – love getting my teeth stuck into those!

English: I’m going to head over to The Training Space this morning to have a go at Sentence Stacking with Mrs C. If you haven’t joined in before, she gives a live lesson at 9:45 on writing where she sets 3 challenges that you have to include. She will then leave you to go away to watch the little video clip – you could watch it before if you like. It’s called  Take Me Home and can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_Rx4qZ8QRc If you don’t manage to get there for 9:45 don’t worry because she leaves all the videos on YouTube so you can have a watch after. I would then love for you to take a picture or send me the typed text of your part of the story. I will then pop back here with some feedback and will also share my piece of writing. Who knows…. if I receive enough chunks for the story we could put it together to make our own story!

Project! I have a little project for you to do too – I’m setting my own children off with the same. Friday – of this week – is a bank holiday. Normally we have bank holidays on a Monday but there is a special reason why it has changed: it is VE day. Now if you’re sat there wondering what that is, even better! I’d like you to research and produce a double page spread all about VE day and it’s significance. Remember, double page spreads need to be corrective and have a good balance of drawings/ pictures and writing (google ks2 double page spread and you’ll see some examples – though I’ve shown you lots in class). In my street here, we are all decorating the fronts of our houses with decorations that relate – so maybe things like paper chains/ buntings with the Union Jack on. I’d love to see some of your creations or pictures of how you’ve decorated your house!

All the above makes for an exciting day of learning! I’m going to produce a double page spread too – can’t wait to show you what we produce!

Take care and have a brilliant day. Sending love x


Yay – I’ve just noticed that the contact your teacher page is now live! It would be great to hear from you all. Maybe you could attach your letter to a message on there once you receive mine and respond. I’d love to know what you’ve been up to and how you’ve been spending your time! If you look where the tabs are next to the home learning blog you will see it.

Learning for today….

English – using setting descriptions in writing. There are a few little clips to take a look at and refresh yourself on techniques you could use. Why not link this to the Ancient Greek topic we would be studying at the moment. You could write a setting description for a myth.

Maths – Multiplication using the area model today. We definitely did this within our multiplication and division unit. Familiarise yourself with it again. Maybe you could use the area model but then also use the long multiplication method to check your answers.

History – There’s a lesson on what the Ancient Egyptians believed. I know you had a topic of this in Year 4 with Mrs Broughton. Be great to recap. Otherwise you could take a look at what the Ancient Greeks believed. Create a double page spread. There’s loads to find out for this one!

Reply to Ikjot: Hi Ikjot, so lovely to receive your little message and some of the writing you’ve been doing with Mrs C on The Training Space. You’ve got some great sentence structures in there – I especially like the way you’ve added a short sentence for effect. I wonder if you could improve the sentence… ‘but he got joyful when he saw the red umberella’ – not sure ‘got’ would be the right verb/ maybe you could use the show don’t tell technique. How could you show the joyfulness? How do you feel about having a go at the one live tomorrow? I will log on too and have a go at it myself so we can share our ideas 🙂 then we’re completing the same challenge that Mrs C sets too. Let me know through the contact your teacher tab and I will make sure I join in. Speak soon and take care x

I have noticed that a few of you have completed my Rockslam challenge! Cannot believe Rehaan, Ikjot & Aiste have all beat my score!! I shall be heading straight back over there to send out another one haha! I’m up for the challenge!!

Keep going with the competition – Year 5 are a whole 2000 points ahead of Year 6 – woohoo!!


Treasure, Nicky, Blessing, Levi – you  are putting a lot of effort to regularly read and complete Bug Club online quizzes. You are in the lead, well done!  I have allocated you some new books.

Emmanuel, Adom, Holly, Aiste, Dan – you are regularly logging in to read your  Bug Club books and complete the quizzes. Keep it up!

Amanda, Emmanuella –  Mrs Smith noticed you picked up and started reading regularly. Keep reading!

Marlon, Ryan, Sada, Enoch – Mrs Smith noticed that you logged into Bug Club but did not put enough effort to complete your online quizzes. Do not loose your motivation and remember that it is important to read regularly.

Remember that you must complete the quizzes – there are a lot of children opening the book but not completing. Also below are the ones who haven’t been logging in. Reading is the most important learning you should be prioritising at the moment: Finley, Aiman, Nathan, Eliza, Nati, Muhammad Ibrahim, Efosa, Cristina. 




Update 01-05-20

Quick update from me before I log off for the weekend.I have written each of you a letter – keep a look out over the next few days and the postman should fetch you it. I would absolutely love for you to write back. If so, send it to the school address and I will pick it up once I’m in/ Mrs Snejberkova-Taylor will send me a pic of it. Even more exciting than that… next week our website technician is going to be putting a ‘contact your teacher’ button on our class page so that you can email me directly. I will be able to add my replies onto our blog here so that you can all stay in touch. Feels like forever since we last spoke so I’m looking forward to catching up with you all.

Looks like the warmer weather is heading back to us. Have a lovely weekend, stay safe and we will speak real soon!

Love Miss A


Good morning guys!

I’m going to start today thinking about our Virtues to Live by for this half term. Our virtues this half term are very apt considering the difficult times we are all facing at the moment and the way that life feels very different. There’s so much uncertainty around us. We need to keep these statements at the forefront of our minds:

We will not give up! We will come back from this even stronger than before however whilst things are different and difficult we will have faith and hope. Why not spend some time today setting up and planning a little collective worship to do with your family? If you don’t have a candle, don’t worry you could draw a little flame to symbolise. I have attached here some ideas that you might like to use. Instead, you could spend some time quietly reflecting and asking God for his guidance and support.


TT Rockstars – So lovely to see a few more of you on there! Well done: Treasure, Levi, Rehaan, Ikjot, Muhammad & Blessing. A BIG well done to Treasure whose score the most points in our class so far with an incredible 1,965! We have a super score of 5,657 – keep at it thought guys because Lamek seems to be on a mission to win it for Year 6! He’s scored a massive 3,621 for them so far!!


Good morning all!

What’s on your plans for today? I’ve got an online webinar at 10am for maths and then homeschooling my 4 little darlings it is.

BBC Bitesize this morning…. Maths is short division – excellent news as we can all polish up those skills! There’s a few videos on there to watch to remind yourself. Remember if your’re not confident with the times tables, write the multiples down the side – it will make it a whole lot quicker.

English: is using brackets. We’ve done some of that too in school though not lots. Have a go at the activities. Maybe this morning you could head over to The Training Space on YouTube to join in with Mrs C’s writing lesson at 9:45. You could use brackets as one of your challenges to include. I’d love to see what some of you have done with the Super Sentence Stackers!

There’s also an RE lesson on for today as an introduction to Islam. I know you know lots already but I bet there’ll be some new interesting things to find out! There.s a video about The Hajj, which shows how amazing that pilgrimage is – all those people in one place at one time to complete one of the Five Pillars of Islam.

Been onto TT Rockstars and notice Year 5 are still in the lead – yay! Come on Levi, Lamek has a higher score.

Have a good day all – Love Miss A


Extra update for 29-04-20

Big well done to Levi, Rehaan, Treasure and Muhammad from year, who have already got started on the TT Rockstars challenge! Year 5 are in the lead 🙂

Also a big well done to the year 6’s Lamek, Believe & Laila for getting year 6 started! Excited to see how our first battle goes!









Good morning everyone. Up bright and early again today to do some training for our assessment system at school. Bet lots of you are still snoring in your beds tucked up nice and warm. Weather seems to have taken a turn at the moment – we can’t complain as it’s been lovely up to now. Now is the time to try and keep yourself busy – there’s lots going on online at the moment to help with this.

Why not start your morning with a music session. Miss Lee who goes into Year 2 & 3 to do recorders on a Monday has recorded some online music lessons that look great. See if you can sing along or tap the beat, join in with the rhythm. Find them here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6WV9wEVdssi2bNR3o2U2nU6l-cniuEgG

Today’s lessons on BBC Bitesize look great. Maths is long and short multiplication – here’s where your practice on TT Rockstars will come in handy! Don’t forget to use the methods in class – circle the digit you are multiplying by, especially when you get to larger numbers which are hard to keep track of. When multiplying by the tens make sure you add in the 0 as your place holder otherwise it will send the rest of the calculation wrong.

English is using the ellipsis. Have some practice here at how to use them correctly in your writing – this isn’t something I’ve specifically taught yet so make sure you read the guides that they provide.

The science lesson is perfect! We didn’t get round to this objective in our science lessons but it was one of the next ones we were going to explore: mixing, dissolving and separation. You could have a go practically with this at home. Ask your parents if you can use some rice/ pasta – both would be even more interesting. Mix it with water. Can you find a method now to separate the mixtures back into their 3 groups? How will you do this – what will your method be? Can you explain the process?

And finally today, spend some reflective time looking at the Wednesday Word for this week. It has the mass reading on for Sunday. Share the gospel reading with your family – what does it mean to each one of you? The words that stood out for me in the Gospel were Shepherd and gate. It makes me think of myself as the Shepherd, guiding you (my sheep) and I can’t wait to welcome you back through the gate so we can be as one again.

29-04-20 – Wednesday Word for this week.

Sending you love and prayers for a good day. I’ll be back again tomorrow. Take care x



Good morning everyone! Up bright and early this morning for a catch up at 10am with the other teachers at school – we’re learning to do our meetings online!

Just having a look at todays learning online at https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/tags/zhgppg8/year-5-and-p6-lessons/1

Maths is working on multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. Have a practice – Remember the strategies we’ve learnt for that one. If it has zeros we can cancel them out. If it hasn’t, remember that every number has a decimal point at the end of the digits to hold the place of the numbers – it’s just not there so you’ve to put it in. Then work with the decimal point moving the digits by the place value given.

English is apostrophes – something most of you could do with some extra practice on. If you can’t print the sheet, just have a go on some paper. If you can strengthen some of your grammasr techniques, you’ll be flying when it comes to Year 6!

Looks like an interesting Geography lesson on there too where you can recap mapping the world using an atlas.

Miss Hague – our choir teacher – will be making her debut on YouTube at 2pm. Join her to show your support and enjoy a lovely choir session. You can even send her a message in the chat to show you’re there! www.schoolssingingprogramme.org.uk

Have a great day!



Hi everyone, hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend. Another few days of great weather so I do hope you’ve been making the most of it like I have. Here’s our weekly Maths and Spelling Shed winners! Great to see the effort most of you are putting in and how you’re keeping yourself busy with some learning. Big shout out to Emmanuel and Nicky, who’ve managed to reach the top 3 for both! Impressive guys – well done!

I’ve set the new assignments for this week – I look forward to seeing some new names on there.

Another big shout out for my TT Rockstarers that have been logging on over the past week: Rehaan, Treasure, Ikjot, Nicky, Nati & Levi! Rehaan you are our quickest at recall taking on average no more than 1.24 seconds per question!! Amazing work – I’m proud of you!





Good morning Year 5,

Hope you are all keeping well! I have just stumbled upon another great website – one which I think we will use in school once we’re back too. It’s grammar learning but inspired by nature! Great for those of you that love science too! It has objectives, activities and challenges all weaved within interesting reading about nature. Take a look here: https://www.naturalcurriculum.co.uk/?fbclid=IwAR2mwVqGTscE7p13yt9TdBfihAnWgWQBk_-5WODTalBUnS1TjxVa8DoyEeo

BBC Bitesize containes a music lesson todau about melody and pitch. Looks really interesting and might be a great activity for those of you missing our weekly choir sessions!  https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/z44x6v4

Over the next day or two get lots of sun in the garden. It’s going to start getting a little cooler towards the end of the weekend so important we make the most of it whilst we can. Why not link your grammar learning in the garden and see what creatures of nature you could find? You could create a fact file! I’m really looking forward to seeing what you’ve all done once we get back.


Good morning my fellow Year 5’ers,

For this week’s learning,  I would love for you to try some of these.

When we get back into school we will be trying something new with our writing and it will be based around the FANTASTICS. To get a head start I have included a PDF here that will link you to 5 different pieces of writing you could have a try with. Start with day 1 and try to do one each day. If you would like to join in live on YouTube head over to The Training Space for 9:45am each morning and you can send your work into her to make the National Story. I would also love it if some of you could email it or send it into the school office so I can have a ready. I will give some shout outs on here to the great pieces I receive. Here’s the PDF to have a go.

Sentence Stackers Writing Week 1

For maths, I would really like you to continue with the Maths Hub we have been working on. This weeks topic is decimals. Each lesson also includes the Flashback 4 at the beginning – just like we would do in class. Again, feel free to send some of your work through to the school office – I’d love to see how you’re keeping busy and I’m praying that you’re all still keeping learning ticking over. Find the maths for this week here: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-5/

This afternoon why not have a shot at recapping The Solar System that we studied in Autumn term – there’s lots of new learning to be had here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zhk2mfr

Mrs Smith has messaged me this morning to say she has allocated some more books to those who have finished their previous allocations. There’s 2 new books on there that are new so you’ve definitely never come across them before. Those who have new books allocated are: Treasure, Enoch, Nicky, Blessing & Eliza. Massive well done guys – this is what makes me super happy! Enoch, I keep hearing wonderful things about the effort you’re putting in with your reading and comprehension answers- I’m proud of you!



Good morning everyone!

I’m in school today with our key worker children. We’ve produced some excellent writing this morning with Mrs C. Find daily live writing lessons at 9:45 each morning where she sets off the inspiration for you to have a go independently using a short film clip. This mornings was all about Kit (a cat) and Bull (a dog) who end best friends and find a new family – sweet film. You then choose a chunk to base your writing on – she places all the information under the video clip so you know what you’re doing. We chose chunk 9, which was the end part. You then send in your writing and she selects 9 pieces of work from different children all around the country to create a National Story which she reads live at 3:30 pm 🙂

Here’s our writing from this morning. I’d love to see some of yours!


Good morning everyone! Up bright and early this morning to get some jobs done!

I’ve just checked Bug Club and can see that 14 children haven’t logged in in the last week. Come on guys at the very least I really want you to keep up with your reading. Mrs Smith has allocated you books to read and she is reading and marking answers as you complete them – so do check back for her reponses too. I’m so pleased to see lots of you still competing in Spelling Shed and Maths Shed. We have another 3 weeks of lockdown yet so I aim to keep a record of the top 3 spellers and mathematicians from here and will update them here weekly. A treat maybe for once we’re back in school 🙂

A great new website has now been designed too by BBC Bitesize. Every day they will have available a series of lessons for you to take part in – ranging from english right through to computing and history with all the others in between! Here’s the direct link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/tags/zhgppg8/year-5-lessons/1 I will be using this with my children too.

A big well done to all the children who have logged into TT Rockstars over the last couple of weeks. Keep it up – times tables practice is always beneficial especially to the rest of the maths learning we will be doing with fractions and problem solving! Here are my TT superstars at the moment who have logged in over the last couple of weeks: Rehaan, Treasure, Ryan, Emmanuel, Cristina, Holly, Aiste, Ikjot, Muhammad, Enoch, Nicky, Blessing, Nate, Levi & Amanda. 10 minutes a day from you all would be amazing! Remember if you don’t know your log in details please just message the office or give them a call and they will give you them.

As always, take care. I can’t wait to see you all again – hopefully soon!

Love Miss A


Good afternoon everyone! What a beautiful sunny day today – makes it a little easier to still be stuck at home. I’m taking some time out to paint the garden fence this afternoon. Hope you’ve been making yourself helpful at home too – are there any jobs you could help out mum or dad with?

I was in school last week with key worker children and I’m so excited that our classroom has finally been painted!! No more yucky yellow haha. Need to find some time to get in and get it all ready for our return – wonder if we can keep it just as tidy lol. I shall post some pics once I’ve managed to get it all sorted with the furniture back in it.

Have a great day – I’d love to hear what you’ve been doing. If your parents have Twitter visit our school page @StFrancisLeeds and you can drop me a message on there.

I’ve just posted some great new maths resources too that you could take a look at. I shall find the link to post it here too.

Take care and stay safe. Miss you all!

Miss A


Happy Easter to you all! I hope you’ve had a holy day filled with lots of chocolate. It has probably been very different to the ones you’re used to but in these times of uncertainty and change the meaning still remains the same. Jesus has risen. My day started with my children waking me excitedly because the Easter Bunny had been and set them up an egg hunt! 20 clues later they’d filled theirs bags and tucked into a chocolate breakfast whilst I had some peace with a cup of tea and a bag of mini eggs 🙂

I’m hoping to get started on planning some exciting learning this week so that we can be ready for once we’re back at school. We don’t know when that might be but I think I need to have some things to keep me busy. Some days seem so long and I’m missing you all lots!

It’s great to see that lots of you are playing Times Tables Rockstars now. Try and send me a challenge from the Rockslam game, My TTRS name is Sara Laurie – just realised you probably couldn’t find me before haha! Remember if you don’t know your log in details go to the contact page on our school website and the office will send them through 🙂

Keep safe and enjoy the extra special time with your families – it’s not often we get a chance to be together. Speak soon.

Miss A






Good evening guys! Hope you are all well and safe. Hope you all made the most of a lovely Palm Sunday yesterday too. Take a look at the class page for home learning to see some nice Easter activities you could be doing.

It may be the ‘Easter holidays’ now but I’m still keeping myself busy with a little bit of work too. I’ve just done some online training for writing – look forward to sharing some new ideas when we’re back. This might require you to do some more reading too. Get those books dusted off and find some great ones. If you take a look at school Twitter page you will see a link to the library site where you can borrow books as long as you have a library card! I shall be taking a look for sure! Still making my way through Warrior boy – have to say I’m impressed so far (not quite as good at cliff hangers as Boy Under Water though) and have also started one for bedtime reading called The Explorers by Katherine Rundell.

I seem to have taken up baking whilst I have some free time on my hands too. Last week was Victoria sponge cake which was yum! Yesterday was banana bread and it was divine! Today has been old school sponge pudding (the one with icing on like Julie makes) and pineapple upside down cake. Yet to try those as I’m still full from my tea.

Cannot wait to be able to speak to you all again and find out what you’ve been doing, Be sure to check Twitter through your parents account as we keep posting updates and new activities on there.

Speak soon 🙂


Hello my fellow Year 5ers 🙂

I cannot believe how hard it is to be made to just stay in the house! Normally we’d be jumping for joy at some time off school so we could chill out and do as we please – not this time! Trying my best to keep busy but finding it tricky at times. Can’t wait to hear all about what you’ve done with your time and how you’ve managed to keep busy during these uncertain times.

Don’t forget to keep chipping away at some of that learning. The Maths Hub is a great resource to access the content of what we would be doing in lessons. Continue with your Bug Club – I know Mrs Smith has been checking and responding as she sent me some snapshots of the answers you’ve given on your comprehension.

This morning – just to freshen things up a little – my children and I went onto GoNoodle and did some of the dance clips for our morning exercise. We finished off with some ‘Just Dance’ routines on YouTube. Great for keeping us active and waking us up on a morning. Followed this by a walk across some fields and through woods near where I live. So nice to get a little bit of fresh air even if it does mean we have to stay far from everyone else.

Hope you’re all keeping well and safe. Missing you guys!

Take care – Miss A


Good morning Year 5!

Life feels very strange at the moment! Currently sat at my kitchen table with all 5 children round me. We’ve just done PE with Joe Wicks – don’t forget you can join him every morning at 9am. We are now waiting for a writing lesson with Jane Considine, I’ve done some training with this lady and she’s fab at getting you writing some interesting sentences. I’d love to see some when we’re back. I will pop mine up here once I’ve done them so I can join in the writing too. Find her here: Please join Jane Considine on Youtube for the first of the week’s writing lessons on Monday morning at 9:45am. Follow the link below and set a reminder and be a #SuperSentenceStacker. Pls share. https://youtu.be/QDNVCP45l5c

I’ve just come across this freebie too! Amazon have cancelled subscription fees so all to books and audio stories for children and students of all ages as long as schools are closed. Stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet using the following link stories.audible.com/start-listen GET READING! I’m making it my mission to read at least one book a week – can’t wait to share some when we’re back in school and hear all about yours. 


Good morning Year 5!

Another lovely sunny day today. I’m in school today looking after our key worker children. I’ve noticed that a few of you have been signing into TimesTables Rockstars. If you head to the multiplayer section into the RockSlam section you should see the challenge I set. We can play head to head with each other on there 🙂 See if you can beat my score!


Good afternoon everyone,

Little bit of a later update from me today. We have taken a day out from school work and instead been out in the garden enjoying this lovely sunshine whilst sorting out the garage – which was a huge mess – and planting some new flowers. Garden is looking all lovely now. I hope you are all taking some time out to do the things you enjoy too. Keep doing a little bit of school work to keep your brains ticking over but it’s absolutely ok to have plenty of time enjoying the things you like most. Everything seems so very strange at the moment so it is important we continue to keep our spirits high. I am missing you all and cannot wait for us to get back to some normaity. Hope you are all keeping really well.

Speak soon – Miss A


Good morning Year 5!

Day 2 of home learning going on here. We started off with the 30 minutes of PE from The Body Coach – my muscles are aching this morning! I currently have my 5 children all sat doing some maths work from the Maths Hub. If you take a look, there are access to all of the small steps we would be using in our maths learning at school. You don’t need to print you could just write your answers down. Have a go… keep that brain ticking over! https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/

I have also created Times Table Rockstar log ins for the whole school! I’d love to be able to challenge some of you in the multi player mode! If you’re not sure of your login, use the contact page on the school website and we will be able to send you out your username and password. If you fancy challenging my children at a Rockstar Challenge they’re in the group called Miss Appleyard. I’m heading over now for a game 🙂




Good morning Year 5! 

Hope you are all well and keeping safe at home. I kicked off my home learning with reading the first 3 chapters of Efosa’s book – Warrior Boy! I have to say it was a great start to the book and I look forward to reading more today!

You can start your morning with a live PE session with TheBodyCoach at 9am each morning – me and my children will be joining him. Find him on this link: https://www.youtube.com/user/thebodycoach1

I will then be heading over to the Maths Hub for their #FirstMathsParty at 10am! They will be posting lesson activities along with videos to help if you get a little stuck! I look forward to seeing how you’ve approached these. Don’t forget to save them and fetch them in once we’re back at school 🙂

Have a great day. Please get your parents to sign up and follow our twitter page. I will be on there for most of the day today if you can head over and post me a tweet 🙂


Speak soon – Miss Appleyard

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