School Council


Brickfield Park Development

We designed posters for Brickfield Park and this one was chosen to be printed and displayed in the park.









School Council Projects:

  • Purchase new playground equipment.
  • Gather class views about playtime development.
  • Form links with the residents developing Brickfield Park.
  • Devise posters for Brickfield park, focusing on emotional wellbeing and keeping the park tidy.
  • Develop pupil voice each week in school council meetings.
  • Plan fundraising activities.
  • Plan St Francis has got talent fundraising activity.
  • Pupil voice- to have animals in school. Plan a mobile farm trip for September.


Roles and Responsibilities

The Chair 

I am the Chairperson in charge of the School Council and have been selected by the other councillors. I help decide on the agenda – a list of items for discussion. I run the meetings making sure everyone has a chance to have their say. I make sure that decisions are agreed fairly and that a majority of councillors support the decisions. I need to be aware of things we are unable to decide on without first consulting others or carrying out further research.

Deputy Chair

I am the Deputy Chairperson. I am an elected councillor from one of the classes and I help the Chairperson decide on the agenda for the meetings. I stand in for the Chairperson or secretary if either of them is absent from the School Council meetings.


We are the School Council secretaries chosen by the Council to carry out the paper work and administration. We help the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson in deciding the agenda for the meetings. At the meeting we write the minutes – a record of the most important points raised, any decisions made and how these decisions were reached. We make sure that each councillor has a copy of the minutes so that they can report back to their classes. We are responsible for the School Council file and keep it safe and up to date – the minutes from each meeting are kept in it.

The Councillors – all of us

I am a councillor who was elected by my class to represent them on the School Council. I suggest items for the school council to discuss based on what my class raises in circle time or class councils. I also feedback our discussions and any decisions made by the School Council to my class. I sometimes take on particular tasks for the school council if we are working on a special project.


We are the photographers elected by the school council. It is our job to capture events and special occasions and to, when needed write notes and captions for the pictures. Sometimes the pictures will be displayed sometimes they may be used for news letters


We are the messengers, our job is to tell people when we have meetings or when there are letters to be given out. We spread the message from the meetings and inform the classes of events or any special occasions. We will speak out loud and tell everyone in the meetings.

Resources Monitors 

My job is to make sure we have all the resources needed for our meetings. I will do this by asking the chair in advance what will be required. At the end or during the meetings, it will be my responsibility to put things away correctly.

Time Monitors 

We are time monitors our job is to try to make sure that we discuss everything that is on the agenda and that meetings keep to time.