Who are the Mini Vinnies?

The Mini Vinnies are quite literally mini St. Vincent de Paul’s.

Mini Vinnies are 7 to 11 year olds based in schools and parishes across England and Wales, and in several other countries across the world. It is a Catholic organisation that inspires people to live according to the Gospel and teaches love,respect,  kindness, generosity and understanding in order to help the most vulnerable and encourage equality among our brothers and sisters. Mini Vinnies members are there to volunteer and assist by TURNING CONCERN INTO ACTION!

Our Year 6 Mini Vinnies

Amanda, Nathaniel and Muhammad-Ibrahim

Our Year 5 Mini Vinnies

Kisanet and Siem

Our Year 4 Mini Vinnies

Myrus and Cindy

Keep watching out on the school website for updates as we will be starting the Mini Vinnies applications for new Year 3 members.

Would you like to apply?

What would make you a good candidate?

Why would you like to join our Mini Vinnies group?




Unfortunately this year we have not been able to have our regular Mini Vinnie meetings to organise our termly projects but our MV’s have not let  this affect their ability to work from home throughout this lockdown period. Keep up the hard work and continue to practice the MV pledge and lets all say our prayer together.



What can we do at home?

Utilise the resources on the Mini Vinnie website, you do not have to be a member to access it, there are many activities to do while you are at home.


Here are some activities i have selected that you can do at home, I have attached a link to each activity that your parents can print out.

Place Your Prayers on the Cross

Give your hands to God_0

MV Logo Colouring


A huge thank you to our previous Year 6 Mini Vinnies who have now moved on to high school. Anjali, Luliyana, Holly and Johmie, we wish you all the luck and hope you continue on with the Mini Vinnies pledge and prayers in your hearts. May God bless you and light your path, throughout the next journey in your lives.


Miss Sultan


Turning Lives Around Awards

 Well done to everyone at St Francis for all the wonderful donations to Turning Lives Around during Christmas 2019. We have finally received our school certificates! Here are some pictures of our proud Mini Vinnies being awarded them, on the school’s behalf. You all made such a difference to those less fortunate people who last year, spent Christmas with a smile after receiving one of the bags containing your donations. These lovely certificates will be on display in the school Reception Area very soon. May God bless you and your families for all your support with our Mini Vinnies projects.
An extra big shout out to Myrus who was in Year 3 at the time and donated the most items securing his class to win the chocolates and the extra playtime! He received a personalised certificate for all his hard work!




An E-Mail from TLA’s CEO

An email sent from the CEO of Turning Lives Around, Sharon Brown, on behalf of all her employees and all the clients who benefited from the Gift Bag Project this year.
Dear All
I wanted to say a big thank you from all of us here at Turning Lives Around to all the children at St. Francis of Assisi  who supported our Christmas gift bag appeal by donating items.  Also a special thank you to the Mini Vinnies for thinking about our clients and co-ordinating the donations, we are blown away by their efforts!  With your help all our homeless clients were given a gift bag  this Christmas.
We have tweeted about your support and have also now published an article on our website, click on the link below for the article.


Turning Lives Around

Minnie Vinnies lead a project and with help from all our parents and children were able to create 34 gift bags filled with essentials for clients in the Leeds area this Christmas!

An amazing effort to all those who contributed and a whopping congratulations to Year 3 who collected 121 items and won themselves treats and an extra playtime!

Thank you to Rosemary Clayton who took time out to give Minnie Vinnies a talk about her charity work and take our gift bags back to the centre to distribute!

Pennington Court visit with the School Council members
We visited the local care home this Christmas. It was lovely to see that we could make a difference to our elderly community. We sang some Christmas carols and played pass the parcel. A lovely start to our festive season.