Our Vision at St Francis of Assisi …

A vision which sees…

· A visibly Catholic school with Christ at heart, that cherishes everyone
· A school which offers a high-quality inclusive education
· A school in which teaching constantly strives to be better
· A school where the whole community values learning
· A school which promotes independence, motivation and perseverance
· A school in which pupils demonstrate calm and positive behaviour
· A school which sets no ceiling on the expectations of pupil achievement and believes that every child, has the right to feel clever, and achieve greatness.


“Nothing is impossible with God.” Luke 1.37


· To be a school that reflects God’s love for us all.
· To be a school that follows the teachings of Jesus.
· To be a happy school where everyone feels welcome.
· To be a school in which all staff are effective fulfilled and committed to school improvement, while achieving a healthy work/ life balance.
· To be a school with a rich, relevant and creative curriculum which reflects local needs and enables all children to make a positive contribution.
· To be a school which educates the ‘whole’ child and strives for excellence in all areas.
· To be a nurturing, caring school working closely with home and parish to ensure that every child is encouraged and supported to fulfil their potential.


Core Values

‘Teachers write on the very spirit of human beings.’
(‘The Catholic School on the Threshold of the Third Millennium.’ Rome 1988)


Love – Respect – Wisdom – Equality – Trust – Courage – Perseverance