SAFEGUARDING ALERT 31st MARCH 2020 – The Leeds Education Safeguarding Team have had numerous queries and safeguarding concerns raised about an APP called House Party in respect to live streaming.  It is out understanding it is not a secure app and anyone can access your conversations and images.  Please do not let children have unsupervised access to this or any other similar app and remember to exercise caution with children on the internet at all times.

At St Francis of Assisi, we are highly committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of our children.

To achieve our commitment, we will ensure continuous development and improvement of robust safeguarding processes and procedures that promote a culture of safeguarding amongst our staff and volunteers.

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.

If you are worried about a child’s welfare or safety, report it!

Ring Child Welfare on:  0113 222 4403.

Safeguarding Measures Sept 2021

Safeguarding Child Protection Policy

Safeguarding & Child Protection Addendum Policy for Schools & Colleges

Keeping Children Safe in Education 2020- 2021

Our Safeguarding Team:

Chair of Governors, Safer Recruitment – Paul Murphy

Safeguarding and CP Governor – Miss V. Misner

Safeguarding and CP Lead, CLA & Adopted, Interim Executive Headteacher – Mrs E. McDonagh- Smith

Deputy Safeguarding Lead/DCPO, Head of School – Mrs Snejberkova-Taylor

DCPO/Family Welfare Officers – Mrs Waddington



Mrs E. McDonagh- Smith 

Safeguarding and CP Lead,

CLA & Adopted,

Interim Executive Headteacher

 Mrs V. Snejberkova-Taylor 

Deputy Safeguarding Lead/DCPO

Head of School

Mrs P. Waddington

Family Welfare Officers/DCPO