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School Admissions Code 2021

Admission Policies

Anti Fraud & Corruption Policy

Attendance Policy

Behaviour Statement

Capability Policy and Procedure

Child Protection Policy

Complaints Policy

Charging and Remissions Policy

Currciulum Statement

Data Protection Policy

Early Career Teachers Policy

Equality Statement

Exclusions Statement

Keeping Children Safe in Education 2022 Part One

Marking and Feedback Policy

Parents and Carers – Partners in Learning 

PRIMARY – National Curriculum Key Stage1 & 2

Relationships and Sex Education Policy

Safeguarding Policies

Safer Recruitment Policy

Send Policies

School Financial Benchmarking

School Performance Table

School Vision

Sickness Absence Policy and Procedure

Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions – Statutory Guidance

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions – Templates

Supporting Children with Medical Conditions Policy

Teaching and Learning Policy

All policies are available on request from the school office.

Trade Union Facility

What is the total number of employees who were relevant union officials during the relevant period?  0
How many of your employees who were relevant union officials employed during the relevant period spent a) 0% b)1%- 50% c)51%- 99% or d) 100% of their working hours on facility time? 0
Provide the figures for the total cost of facility time and the total pay bill, to determine the percentage of your total pay bill spent on paying employees who were relevant union officials for facility time during the relevant period. £0
As a percentage of total paid facility time hours, how many hours were spent by employees who were relevant union officials during the relevant period on paid trade union activities 0%